June 8, 2010

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Architect Maud Cassagne owns the gallery and bar systM on Torstraße.


Torstraβe 68, 10119 Berlin


030 2140 3613

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Wed-Sat from 17:00


    19:00 The weekend starts at systM (Torstraße 68, Mitte), most likely with an opening and/or the first glass of red wine at the bar – which has the best view on Torstraße!

    21-23:00 I head in the direction of Kreuzberg for Bar Hopping Part1: Luzia (Oranienstraße 34), Das Hotel (Mariannenstraße 30).

    23:00 Delicious food and atmosphere at Tin Tin (Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40). The spring chicken with sweet corn and apricots is amazing.

    24-3:00 Bar Hopping Part 2: Madame Claude (Lübbener Str. 19) – feeling upside down, not only because of the drinks – follows Kirk Bar (Skalitzer Straße 75). One for the road, most likely a mixed vodka drink.


    13:00 Grab a quesadilla with extra hot sauce at W – Der Imbiss (Kastanienallee 49, Mitte).

    14-17:00 I wander around Torstraße, checking in on my staff and shopping (at my neighbours stores, paul's Boutique at Oderberger Straße 47 and Stue Moebler at Torstraße 70).

    17-20:00 Opening at KW (Auguststraße 69, Mitte) and other galleries nearby.

    20:00 Dinner at Goldenen Hahn (Pücklerstraße 20, Kreuzberg), a classy, nonpretentious Italian place with nice music. I order an octopus carpaccio or one of the seasonal meals with fish and a good glass wine.

    23:00 Concert at West Germany (Skalitzer Straße 133, Kreuzberg) – always a discovery.


    10-12:00 I drive with friends to Lübars and jog along the Tegeler Fließ in the morning dew.

    13-15:00 A light brunch at "Der Koppe" a.k.a. Kohlenquelle (Kopenhagener Straße 16, Prenzlauer Berg), an inexpensive place to tuck into a Sunday buffet, either out on a sunny terrace or inside, surrounded by GDR-style furniture.

    16-19:00 Hanging out at Arkonaplatz: lots of coffees and some ‘fleamarketing’, ping-pong and sandcastles.

    21:00 The best night to check out Themroc (Torstraße 183, Mitte) – cosy and warm, with a French touch...

    June 8, 2010

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    gemuese kebab
    • Lauf Junge Lauf

      Stumbling along

      OUT NOW! Out-smarting the Nazi occupation of Poland, the childhood survivor tale of LAUF JUNGE LAUF does not carry us all the way.

    • Dom Hemingway

      Lock left uncracked

      OUT NOW! Jude Law as law breaker DOM HEMINGWAY is all talk, no snatch.

    • Yves

      Yves So Low-rent

      OUT NOW! Style icon of the 21st century YVES SAINT LAURENT is over-dressed and under-realised.


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