May 1, 2010

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Micha Ristock is the owner of Hans Wurst Vegan Restaurant & Café.


22:00 M. Soundtrack at Schokoladen (Ackerstr. 169). Schokoladen always guarantees a good selection of independent live shows. And it also means supporting one of the last ‘dirty’ squat places in shiny Mitte...


5:00 Antipasti shopping at the 24-hour Turkish Späti near Frankfurter Tor (I always forget the address).

5:30 Breakfast and a long-lasting beauty sleep.

20:00 I go spin records at some concerts and after-parties as “DJ Tanz Wurst”.


16:00 Record shopping at Bis Aufs Messer Records (Marchlewskistr. 107) or at several second-hand shops around Friedrichshain.

18:00 Wine tasting at my neighbours’ place, Weinwinkel at Dunkerstr. 2a.

21:00 Off-space hangout with friends and Späti beers anywhere.

22:00 See a show put up by “Berlin Shows” (, probably at West Germany (Skalitzerstr. 133).


11:00 Organic, vegan brunch buffet at Hans Wurst (Dunckerstr. 2a)

15:00 Get some vegan ice cream at Eis Labor (Raumerstr. 31-35)

19:00 Make tons of homemade sushi and, of course, eat it afterwards.

20:00 Sleepover pyjama party with best friends. We watch 10 episodes of Arrested Development.

May 1, 2010

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