April 11, 2011

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When we heard about Das Gift, a new ultra-hip bar in north Neukölln owned by a group of expat artist friends including Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Barry Burns of Mogwai fame, we were frankly skeptical. We expected something showy and affected.

Das Gift

Donaustraße 119, 12043 Berlin


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Mon-Wed 19-1:00, Thur-Sat from 19:00

    Yet the first surprise is that Das Gift doesn’t look much different than your typical neighborhood Eckkneipe; the owners maintained the original décor from the bar’s prior life as the Donau-Eck. In fact, Das Gift resembles a cosy chalet – and we mean that in the best sense. The emphasis here is not on ‘coolness’ but rather on warmth: big candles flicker on large wood tables against a soundtrack of low-key indie pop (minimal techno is as good as barred round these parts).

    Settle into one of the two comfortable armchairs at the back and taste one of the Scottish beers on offer – there’s a changing selection every week (around €3 euros per pint), or try their Scottish version of a long vodka, which includes a shot of bitter lemonade.

    If it’s slow, you can have a chat with Burns’ wife Rachel, who often works the bar. And for the peckish, there’s still one more gift in store: salt and vinegar crisps, the ultimate pub snack!


    April 11, 2011

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    What is the purpose of this article?

    Emma more than 3 years ago

    Great Expectations

    "We expected something showy and affected."

    No, You expected something imaginative and interesting. What you got instead was yet another cozy Berlin cocktail bar where people can chat about their typical ideas on life.

    Elfin Hans more than 3 years ago

    Another fake bar?

    Fake shit. Fuck your Scottish beer and vinegar crisps. You'll have to pay me A LOT of money to show my face there.

    Es ist Zeit für die Gs.

    Peace, and keep it real.


    Robbie, aka, the yuppie more than 3 years ago

    It's been open for a while now, got their problems with sound but it's great

    You forgot to mention the iron bru and whisky. Far more important than Scottish beer

    Adam Kahan more than 3 years ago

    Das Gift

    Das Gift, Well worth a visit, some interesting verions of well know drinks, good location as well if you need something to eat, good luck guys, be back for a return visit next time I am in Neukolln..


    John Aitken more than 3 years ago