September 2, 2010

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Berlin has always been a hub for musicians and artists from around the globe. But what does that really mean for the city, and those who settle here? And what, more specifically, is the effect on the local music scene?

To shed some light on these issues, EXBERLINER is hosting a special FREE panel discussion at the all2gethernow conference during Berlin Music Week (Sept 6-12).

Getting in on the action is Jason Forrest aka DJ Donna Summer (USA; musician/owner of Cock Rock Disco), Nicholas Currie aka Momus (Scotland; musician/artist/blogger), Dan Bodan (Canada; musician) and Melissa Perales (USA; filmmaker/booker - M:Soundtrack). Our very own D. Strauss (Music & Nightlife Editor) will be moderating.

THE ROLE OF EXPATRIATISM IN THE BERLIN MUSIC SCENE | Monday, Sept 6, 18:00 at Soda 2 in the KulturBrauerei


September 2, 2010


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