November 17, 2010

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This month’s EXBERLINER Wednesdays at Kaffee Burger contrasts the raw and the cooked, the smooth and the strafed, the tossed rock and the rolled gold.

Kaffee Burger

Torstraße 60, 10119 Berlin


030 2804 6495

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Mon-Sun from 21:00

    Toronto-born !K7 producer Milosh (photo) tempers his downtempo with contemplative electro-folk sporting a dollop of Neil Young. Hyped by the likes of Imogen Heap, his music has shown up everywhere from MTV to a Tetley Tea Super Bowl spot, but his jazzy affect and meditative approach should entice lovers of Massive Attack, Portishead and other Bristol beatniks.

    Lucky Paul plays Fred Sanford to Milosh’s Dan Tanna, improvising his beats live from scratch using kitchen utensils, homemade synths, cassette tapes and general accidents, occasionally taking to the streets powered by car battery. Floating through Flying Lotus and 8-bit territory, don’t be surprised if a mic drops into your beer. It could end up on record.

    Wednesday, November 24, 21:00


    November 17, 2010

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    Looking forward to this.

    These guys are dope.

    Harald Echtermeyer more than 3 years ago