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Immense clichés 2015

Seeing this makes one wonder, if to read or not to read? Immense clichés or new perspectives? Why now? Who for? Will it sell more copies then the usual? Is Talking about Jews, a divi8ted trend? and Is this any good for the 3 main and very different Jewish groups in Germany (Diaspora Jews, Ex Israeli Jews, or Ex Russian Jews)?.. my guess is Not.

Bottom line: the real cool and down to earth 'Jewish' and 'non Jewish' folks, will skip this, as 2 damn populistic for us at 2015.

Here's an example of your headliner note(talking of "subtext"):
"This month, we take a look at the past, present and future of Jews in Germany's capital. Plus: Is refugee Willkommenskultur all it's cracked up to be?"...

Tom Adam Lenzinger more than 2 years ago

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