April 1, 2010

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Like a cross between skiing and riding a horse, the Segway is by far the best way to release your inner child on a visit to Berlin.


Chausseestraße 124, 10115 Berlin


030 2759 4937

Click Here

Mon-Sun 10-15:00 (tours last three hours)

    Travelling at up to 20km/h and with a battery range of 35km, these strange, vacuum cleaner look-alikes are perfect for city tours. For €65, you’ll find yourself bopping around the centre of town and the city’s most famous sites, with pauses for anecdotes and beer drinking (but be moderate: one drunk Dutch tourist drove his right into the Spree!).

    The Segway has all sorts of balancing gadgets and speed gizmos to prevent you from ending up like our flying Dutchman. It is so intuitive, it turns at the slightest nudge of the handlebars - so, on second thoughts, it’s probably more obedient than a horse and safer than skis. If the price sounds a bit steep, persuade your boss to pay for a team-bonding exercise: it’s apparently the done thing these days.

    April 1, 2010

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    so cute vehicle ^___^ I'm dreaming about riding with you)

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