Africa in Berlin

In unfamiliar territory, Jane stumbles across Safari Imbiss, a cheap and delicious (if a bit religious) West African hole-in-the-wall. What other hidden treasures does Wedding have to offer? more

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INTERVIEW. This month's EXBlicks film DramaConsult follows three ambitious Lagos businessmen as they travel to Germany vying for business contacts. Director Dorothee Wenner joins us on Apr 8, 20:30 at Lichtblick Kino. As always, with English subs. more


Bored of expats who don’t dance? Dip low to rhythmic beats of African drums remixed into Rhianna's hits at a couple of African favourites. Or if you're wanting to escape claustrophobic club walls, head to the beach (bar) for a lazy Sunday arvo. more

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Sex is in the air as Berlin’s love-starved women look to Africa to fulfil their need for romance, emotional support…and the ‘African banana’. We follow the cross-cultural hanky-panky from Kenyan beaches to a Kreuzberg club. more

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You won't Kau Kau advertised anywhere, but insiders can enjoy a plate of Senegal’s famous national dish, Thiéboudienne, amongst other home cooked delights, served by owner and ex-Hertha BSC defender Gregoire Decosta himself. more

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Affectionately nicknamed ‘Mama Africa’, the unbelievably energetic Assibi Wartenburg serves up tasty Togo-style treats from the entirely self-run HQ of her nonprofit Deutsch-Togoischer Freundeskreis. more

Food & Drink

Colonialism on our streets? You bet! And there's plenty. Exberliner gives you a thorough guided tour of the sordid and shameful history here. more

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Whether black with a German ID or white with an African passport, “200 percent” African or “not that African at all”, these 10 Berliners are changing the face of the city. Read about them here and catch some of them on Sep 26 at Kaffee Burger. more

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INTERVIEW. South African director Brett Bailey's Exhibit B confronts its visitors with the developments of racism. Performers from Namibia and Berlin explore not only colonial history but current migration and deportation practices as well. more

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Stressed? Let it all out banging traditional Guinean drums in a one-man drumming school in Alt-Treptow run by Nathan Berg. Beat Etage promises an intense workout, stinging hands and endorphin rush! more

Theatre & Dance

Join us on Wednesday, September 26 at Kaffee Burger for our Africa in Berlin panel... colonialism, identity, art and more are discussed with our four exciting expert guests. Stick around after for a concert by The Kalimba Orchestra. more


Ethiopian food is plentiful in Berlin. We found a trio of exemplary Ethiopian to sate your injera itch as the days get steadily colder. Try all three and don't forget to order yourself a Meta beer. more

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We've all seen them, and know where to direct tourists and stoners when asked where to get their special 'wares', but the Görli dealers themselves remain a mystery. Until now. more

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