Suprowicz, Ange en Iomauna Media GmbH Thu, 07 Jun 2012 12:00:00 GMT Beer Rainer Wallisser, owner of Bier Berlin in Moabit, is a German fed up with German beer. He says that beer here is based on consistency, which makes it simply boring. So Wallisser started tastings for Berliners thirsting for more playful imports.

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Tea Kristine Mager is such a passionate tea-lover that, since 2006, she's been holding monthly tastings at her shop, introducing Berliners to the many subtleties of a culture that spans continents, hundreds of varieties, and a nuanced sense of etiquette.

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Tastings in Berlin: From tea to whisky Utter the word 'tasting' and wine automatically springs to mind. But there's plenty more on offer here. From tea lovers to beer lovers or whisky aficionados, Berlin has it all!

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Achtung! Achtung! Attention! Berlin's foremost festival of homegrown film, Achtung Berlin, returns for its eight year. Opening with the wildly eccentric and un-PC road movie Puppe, Icke & der Dicke on Apr 18. Read more for our highlights!

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Home, sweet home Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Willy Wonka, Alexis Agne has opened Sugafari, an international sweet shop in Prenzlauer Berg to supplement his successful mail-order website.

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The milk whore: Leonie Ahrents Don’t bother looking for a wet nurse. They don't exist officially in Berlin anymore. Ahrents, a former escort “of the bizarre kind” on parental leave (she has a six-month old baby girl), sells her breast milk to yet-to-be-weaned adult males.

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The milkmaid: Verena Herklotz BOOB JOBS! Nurse Herklotz has been working in the Ernst von Bergmann clinic in Potsdam for 26 years now. She’s part of the three-woman team running Dr. Radke’s milk bank.

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Nice flat OUT NOW! WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER is predictably bland and dim-witted rom-com that fails even in its humour.

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The breast inspector: Dr. Katharina Ehler BOOB JOBS! Each year a staggering amount of women avoid being screened for breast cancer because they are afraid that the radiation itself will cause the disease.

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Get Plastered Keep A Breast immortalises your breasts in plaster and turns them into art in the name of breast cancer awareness. Boys, don't be shy! You're invited too.

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A contradictory relationship Combining Walter Benjamin, Kinder Eggs and Arsenal's movie archive, Ian White and Johannes Paul Raether explode barriers at A Shared Stage of Contingent Production on Mar 13 at HAU 1

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How to make it as an actor Want to be an actor? With 50 theatres, some 20 acting schools and the Babelsberg film studios, Berlin is the place to be. But climbing to the top is not easy. Exberliner outlines it for you.

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Scorsese smashes it OUT NOW! HUGO is fantastical not least for Sacha Baron Cohen's performance as a station inspector.

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