Three Berlin exhibitions chronicle the peril and prosperity that befell the city during the interwar era. more

Art & Exhibitions

Spread over two floors of the converted brewery that is the KINDL are over 30 works by Swiss artist pair Onorato and Krebs. more

Art & Exhibitions

On the 100th anniversary of Penn’s birth, this exhibition of 240 works at C/O is drawn from a major retrospective at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. more

Art & Exhibitions

An ongoing exhibition pits Chagall postcards and tea towels against some of the modernist titan's originals. more

Art & Exhibitions

An unexpectedly popular book festival gets Avocado Johnson thinking about the nature of viral Facebook events. more


Her work is mostly exhibited in Brazil, but Berlin’s where Cristina Canale prefers to paint, in the “serenity” of her Oranienstraße studio. more

Interviews & Portraits

New Zealander and Berlin-based artist Frater presents a 40-minute film made up of 330 photographic stills, taken by himself, Georgina Steytler and Scott Rogers. Catch it at Oracle before May 12. more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW. Berlin-based German multi-media artist Christian Jankowski on why he’s elevating art from China’s biggest copy village to the auction house at Grisebach. Catch it through May 12. more

Art & Exhibitions

From sugarbaby millennials to old school Lebenskünstler, from bitcoin speculators to Instagram influencers – Meet the Berliners who thrive without a proper job. And 1968-2018: Berliners look back. more

Gallery Weekend returns Apr 27-29, with 46 galleries hosting some of the year’s biggest openings. Here are our top seven picks. more

Art & Exhibitions

Photographers find beauty in industrial architecture and landscapes across three Berlin exhibitions. more

Art & Exhibitions

Black's second solo exhibition at Capitain Petzel is on through Apr 14. more

Art & Exhibitions

Turkish artist Nilbar Güreş on using humour and fabric to craft her own political language. Her two exhibitions at Galerie Tanja Wagner and the Schwules Museum end Apr 13 and 15 respectively. more

Art & Exhibitions

Missed out on a pair of coveted BVG/Adidas trainers early this year? Exberliner have something better. Our own exclusive trainers with the best benefits in town. more


This month, Berliner Festspiele continues its foray into the world of immersive art with the ISM Hexadome, a six-screen, 360-degree audiovisual system created by Berlin’s Institute of Sound and Music for artists to use as a multimedia playground. more

Concerts & Parties

Brazilian staycation, anyone? Our latest issue delves into Berlin's 12,000 strong Brazilian community (and the Germans who love it) – caipirinhas, capoeira and all. Plus an interview with the enfant terrible of Berlin's Roma community and much more! more

Will Potsdamer Straße ever be a nightlife drag? Right now, Berlin scenester Lena Braun is reclaiming what she sees as the street’s rightful legacy with her new "miniature cabaret", Barbiche. more

Insider Tips

The creations of Gianni Versace are on show in Berlin at a flashy new exhibition. more

Art & Exhibitions

This month, check out the CTM exhibition (Uncanny Valleys of a Possible Future) minus the queues for the hug machine. Get hugged through Apr 2 at Kunsthaus Bethanien. more

Art & Exhibitions

A filmmaker who has worked with Spike Lee, John Akomfrah and Solange Knowles, Arthur Jafa moved into art fairly recently. Catch his new work at the Julia Stoschek Collection through Nov 25. more

Art & Exhibitions

At the Museum for Communication, Hermann Vaske’s Why Are You Creative? offers an existential quick fix for the arty set. more

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