Got visitors in town? Or maybe you've got free time of your own and are looking for new ways to explore your city but need a little help. Either way, no matter who you are, there is a tour for you. Read more

Insider Tips

This summer, EXB is taking you off the beaten track with insiders' hangout tips, hot Berlin debut novels, a trip to a Kurdish village full of Berliners, Max Czollek's original take on how Germany is really treating Jews and much more! Out now! Read more

No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and fertile topic of poop. From real shit workers to the many faeces of German history, from anal douching to doggy-doo delinquency and much more! Out now! Read more

Gropius Bau’s group show And Berlin Will Always Need You lives up to its promises. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Want to learn about contemporary art without all the reading? Three guided tours serve you old favourites and new finds on a silver platter. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW! New York sculptor Elizabeth Jaeger on the art of making glass sculptures that look like rotting fish and her fascination with mourning rituals. Catch her exhibition "Brine" at Klemm's Gallery through Jun 8. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Take a spring trip – in Berlin! We've rounded up some of the best local getaways including a riviera walk, island hopping, time travel, kitsch excursions, intercultural wedding crashing and much more! Out now! Read more

In its 15th edition, Berlin's Gallery Weekend sees the international art world descend on the city for three days of hard-arting. From the smallest project space to the big institutions, 45 galleries open their shows over the weekend (Apr 26-28). Read more

Art & Exhibitions

This month, take on a different level of Berlin art including subterranean murals, U-Bahn art and Wannsee’s new underpass mosaic. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW! Syrian multi-media artist Ammar al-Beik gets his first German solo exhibition at Haus am Waldsee (through May 5). We spoke to him about revolution, exile and the thrill of meeting Diego Maradona at a dinner party. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

As Berlin kids are joining the global strikes for climate justice, what's the rest of Berlin doing to save the planet? From idealistic club owners to ingenious startups and sustainable architecture, read about the city's green pioneers. Out now! Read more

Stephanie Rosenthal on her first year as director at the Gropius Bau, her bid to make it more accessible and what to expect next. The next exhibition under her direction – "And Berlin Will Always Need You" – opens Mar 22. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

This exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints is pulled from Ehrhardt’s artistic output during a winter semester spent in Dessau 1928-29 with Bauhaus masters Josef Albers and Oskar Schlemmer. Through Apr 18. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

The show starts with 80 monochromatic large format (or even larger than life) works by Helmut Newton, but David Lynch and even more so Saul Leiter are the real reasons to visit this collection of nudes. Through May 19. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Brexit MAY be upon us, but British life in Berlin continues. We spoke to Brits planning their future here, met with some of the city's noteworthy English(wo)men, Scots and Welsh and found the best places to buy UK essentials. Out now! Read more

Make sure to check out the 30 newest additions at the artist’s first-ever exhibition at MINI on February 16. We promise, you won’t be able to hold back a chuckle. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

From hookup apps to polyamory, from impossible and extramarital romance to the psychology of love, we explore how Berliners are finding each other in Germany's singles capital. Also: The Berlinale is upon us and our film team has the lowdown. Read more


At the Museum for Communication, Hermann Vaske’s Why Are You Creative? offers an existential quick fix for the arty set. Read more

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