Art & Exhibitions

Make sure to check out the 30 newest additions at the artist’s first-ever exhibition at MINI on February 16. We promise, you won’t be able to hold back a chuckle. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW! As PalaisPopulaire opens Objects of Wonder (from Feb 1) showing sculpture from across the Channel, curators Elena Crippa and Daniel Slater talk about the importance of objects. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

From hookup apps to polyamory, from impossible and extramarital romance to the psychology of love, we explore how Berliners are finding each other in Germany's singles capital. Also: The Berlinale is upon us and our film team has the lowdown. Read more


British artist Mat Collishaw has his first Berlin exhibition: a multi-media meditation on the transience of life. Through Feb 2. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

From the big Bauhaus anniversary to local newcomers, this year promises plenty of exciting art exhibitions to look forward to. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Rosa Lux reloaded! 100 years after Rosa Luxemburg's death, Exberliner rediscovers the vibrant woman and prophetic thinker behind the revolutionary Berlin icon, and what makes her inspiring for generations of women today. Out now! Read more

INTERVIEW! The world sees its first-ever comprehensive exhibition on the queer history of video games, Rainbow Arcade, at the Schwules Museum Dec 14-May 13. Co-curator Adrienne Shaw explains what went into it. Read more

What's On

Geta Brătescu, exhibition view Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, 2018 © Neuer Berliner Kunstverein  Jens Ziehe_2.jpg

Jens Ziehe/Photographie

Finally, Berlin sees its first solo exhibition of iconic Romanian artist Geta Brătescu. It's on through Jan 25 at n.b.k. Read more

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Under the themes of mobility, exchange, conflict and innovation, and spanning 200,000 years from the Palaeolithic to the 20th century, over 1000 archaeological finds from across Germany aim to tell the story of cultural interactions in Europe. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

With London 1938 the Liebermann-Villa marks the 80th anniversary of the London response to Nazi Germany's infamous Degenerate Art exhibition is 1937. On display: Kandinsky, Nolde, Modersohn-Becker among others. Read more

, Art & Exhibitions

The Berlinische Galerie pays tribute to the Novembergruppe with a comprehensive retrospective to the Weimar-era association of artists. Through Mar 11. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

The occult is back! Exberliner tracked down the Berliners behind the trend: from a DIY tarot reader to a real-life ghostbuster, from techie astrologers to an old-school fortuneteller and our devilish cover boy. Out now! Read more

Human figures behind drying laundry photographic close-ups of textile and the skin of commuters – this show at KINDL Zentrum presents 10 international contemporary photographers and their take on the absurdity of everyday processes. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

What three Berlin gallerists make of this year’s huge Art Week success. Eicker explains... but hurry, gallery Sweetwater is already closing the doors on "Closer" on Sat, Nov 17. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

A single wheel is trapped in a block of concrete, stuck in time and passage. It is part of Gary Hume’s series Wonky Wheels, which includes 14 imperfectly shaped, colourful free-standing wheels... Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Exberliner investigates one of Berlin's most pressing issues: housing. From exploding rents to the companies cashing in on the student housing crisis; from former squatters fighting over property to alternative house sharing options. Out now! Read more

From party drugs to mental health, from artificial intelligence to sautéed Hirn – this October Exberliner is all about the brain! Plus: A scientist puts sleep myths to bed and we round up the month's festivals in film, music, art and stage. Out now! Read more

This summer, two Russian photographers and zine publishers added another space to Berlin's vast creative specialty shop/event space landscape: Zoopark, this one focussing on print work and photography zines. Read more

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The works to look out for this year masterfully tackle today's postcolonial legacies. Catch it before it's over Sep 9. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Berlin’s one and only gay museum pays a small but serious tribute to a century of female queer art. We check out the exhibition to see what sets “lesbian visions” apart from the dominant male artistic gaze. On through Aug 20. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

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