Barack Obama

Obama's farewell presidential tour to Berlin filled us with melancholy and some dread. more


John Riceburg reports on his trip down to the G7 conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last weekend, where he ran into 24,000 police – a bigger force than the army of Kenya. more


Yes, we know, Merkel is a silly old internet granny. But probably not, actually, and her government definitely isn't. more

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Yesterday half of Berlin shut down in order to accommodate an old flame: Barack Obama. But are we still as smitten with POTUS as we used to be? Is it him that changed or us? John Riceburg dissects our relationship. more

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The Pirates have been sailing on stormy seas ever since they arrived in the Berlin Parliament in 2011. With Obama's visit to Berlin and the surveillance scandal rocking the US and the world, this may be the Pirates' chance to chart a smoother course. more

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