Barbara Woolsey

OUT NOW! A night of pleasure turns into a living nightmare for Elizabeth Banks in the forgettable WALK OF SHAME. more


OUT NOW! A weak script lets down the highly anticipated dramatisation of Grace Kelly's tumultuous marriage in GRACE OF MONACO. more


What has become of the once charismatic kiez, Mitte's Alte and Neue Schönhauser Straße? Falling victim to rising rents, many of the liveliest independent boutiques have been replaced by chain stores. A few fight on, but is the end coming? more

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Did you know you can get free concert tickets if you're short on cash? Or ride along on the BVG with a button-wearing good samaritan? Here are five ways people are helping each other get a leg up in Berlin. more

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OUT NOW! Following a German farmer and his prize winning cow – DIE SCHÖNE KRISTA takes a quirky look into the world of competitive cattle raising. more


A new deli in Grunewald offers all kinds of gourmet, organic delights... for dogs?! Some bleeding-heart types complain it's over the top, but since Berliners spoil their pets anyway, why should food be any different? more

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OUT NOW! DISCONNECT: despite our online networking, are we less connected than ever? more


OUT NOW! The big guns and biker fights in HOMEFRONT are just enough to keep you hooked. more


In advance of our EXBlicks screening of "Berlin Burlesque" (Dec 9, Lichtblick Kino, 20:00), we get a taste of Berlin's modern-day burlesque scene at the sizzling Sunday Soirée in Friedrichshain. Hubba hubba! more


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