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The rubble years in numbers

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Apr 4, 2011 in Features

The women who raised the rubble

What we owe to Berlin’s Trümmerfrauen is easily forgotten, yet we stride through it everyday. In the aftermath of the WWII, they took on the gruelling task of clearing the debris that once choked the city. more »

Apr 4, 2011 by in Features (3 Comments)

When men lose control

Every half hour, a woman in Berlin is physically assaulted – not by a stranger but by someone she trusts most: her husband, a lover or family member. Anne Lena Mösken investigates. more »

Mar 28, 2011 by in People (1 Comments)

“At this point there’s no alternative to quotas.”

Ines Pohl, the editor-in-chief of Germany’s influential daily taz (Die Tageszeitung), talks about her job, the quota debate and the loneliness of the female executive. more »

Mar 21, 2011 by in People

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Photo by Veronica Jonsson

John Riceburg: The end of men?

Women are taking over the world. Are there still any reasons to go out onto the streets on March 8? John Riceburg has a look around in his apartment and his circle of friends. more »

Mar 5, 2014 by in The Berlin Blog (9 Comments)

Photo by Garry Knight (garryknight; Flickr CC)

Amok Mama: Slutwalk

Jacinta Nandi spent Saturday at Slutwalk. And she's decided that even if all women are sluts, most of them aren't bitches. more »

Aug 15, 2011 by in The Berlin Blog (10 Comments)

Photo by J Rosenfeld (JMRosenfeld; Flickr CC)

Amok Mama: The worst feminist in the world

Jacinta Nandi is a feminist. A terrible one, though. Here's a scientific list of the reasons why. more »

Jul 18, 2011 by in The Berlin Blog (4 Comments)