Books en Iomauna Media GmbH Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:30:00 GMT "Being a foreigner is pretty good training for a writer" Brittani Sonnenberg's been in Berlin for six years now… and that’s a record in the biography of the 33-year-old chronic expat. The Third Culture Kid and author of "Home Leave" can be seen at the Lit Fest on Wed, Sep 17 at Berliner Festspiele.

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Lit Fest and more: Killers and gods Award-winning Greek writer Amanda Michalopoulou delivers a blitz week of literary appearances starting on Sep 16 at St. George's English Bookshop and then continuing on at the International Literature Festival. Make sure to catch her at least once.

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Read all about it: Top 5 English-language book shops The International Literaturfestival Berlin is on! From Sep 10-20, the city is a flutter in bookworm-y goodness. While a good chunk of the fest's happenings are in German, Berlin itself has no shortage of the written word in English.

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Marian Wijnvoord: Exhibition and Book Launch Dutch artist Marian Wijnvoord presents an exhibition of large oil paintings, focusing on landscapes. Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition is the launch of her new book "Paintings Public, Paintings Private".

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All booked up This year’s International Literature Festival includes 15 events in English – here’s what to watch out for. The covers fly open early on September 8 for a reading of Edward Snowden interview excerpts. The festival in earnest is on Sep 10-20.

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Seymour Gris: I'm dumping Amazon The retail monster is actively trying to destroy publishing in Germany and everywhere else. It's time to pull the plug, says Gris.

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Storytelling Berlin! Berlin's first storytelling festival takes place over 7 different locations across the city with events suitable for all ages. Tales from the Grimm brothers to Korean mythology will be told. Check website for more details.

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The new chick lit: Dino-on-girl porn all the rage on Kindle Within the realm of human sexual desire, there lies a panoply of bizarre quirks and obsessions. Two Texan authors have taken one of these obsessions and harnessed it through e-lit. Dino porn may not have been born without the help of e-publishing.

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Spam-lit: Testing e-publishing’s limits INTERVIEW: Austrian digital publisher Luc Goss and his German partner-in-crime Bernhard Bauch, discuss how and why they flooded Amazon with nonsensical e-books containing dumb Youtube video comments and how the company reacted.

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E-pub pow-wow With the first Electric Book Fair coming up on June 21 in Wedding's Supermarkt, Germany's fledgling e-publishing scene gets together to discuss e-possibilities from spam novels to dino porn and beyond. We explored this electronic errata for you.

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One Day For… David Bowie Bowie freaks unite! A fashion show tribute, film screenings and live covers from Berlin's best homegrown bands, including performances from the incredible Mary Ocher. The spirit of Bowie has returned to Berlin. Oh, did we mention there's food too?!

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Terminal tearjerker OUT NOW! Based on the novel of the same name, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS lives up to expectations and stears clear of the worst clichés.

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Poesiefestival: More than rhymes INTERVIEWS: Poesiefestival takes the power of poetry today and tries to bring the marginal form to Berlin's masses. Check out our highlights, read interviews with two of this year's invited guests and join the Living Poet's Society Jun 5-13.

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Bowie by the book Even 35 years after he left Berlin to reboard the spaceship to global stardom, David Bowie continues to inspire volumes of new writing. We talked to four authors whose books come to grips with the glam rocker’s “golden years”.

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Electric Book Fair Germany’s first e-publishing fair eschews tradition, starting with print. Instead, an Electric Café will serve as a forum where writers, readers and publishers can mingle and debate.

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Soundout! New Ways of Presenting Literature Showcasing 19 artists and artist groups from 12 countries, whose work explores the expansion of the boundaries of the literary form, with performances, installations and readings taking place in a range of conventional and unconventional locations.

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Konrad Werner: Book idea Konrad has a new idea for a book and it's a surefire hit.

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Jonathan Lethem The US novelist and current American Academy fellow reads from his new work, Dissident Gardens — a sprawling saga of radicalism in the US over the past century.

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Put a bird on it Berlin-based artist Felix Scheinberger's 100 Ways To Paint A Bird offers 328 pages of luscious illustrations centred around the theme of birds, taking inspiration from everything from the Book of Kells to film noir.

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Amok Mama: That German friend you speak English to Jacinta Nandi doesn't mind it when Germans speak to her in English. But she is never gonna have sex with another Blog-Fan as long as she lives. Promise.

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