Christian Wulff

The media scoff at ex-President Christian Wulff for "blaming everyone but himself," but they're doing exactly the same. Read more


Pop quiz: which of these two is more corrupt? A) taking hundreds of thousands in party donations from luxury carmakers, or B) getting a complimentary bowl of fruit in a hotel. Read more



Photo by Afghanistan Matters (Flickr CC)

Konrad's fingers are sore from scraping the bottom of the barrel – this week's hot political scandal in Germany? A slightly cheaper carpet. Read more



Photo by Charles McCain (AN HONORABLE GERMAN; Flickr CC)

See, now look what you've done, you foolish lefties. You've popped the boil, and all the mutant tadpoles have come out of the eggs that their mother laid in your flesh. That's right. The German royal family is back. Read more

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Please, for fuck's sake, just let Christian Wulff listen to "Over the Rainbow". It's a nice song. And what the fuck is a Zapfenstreich anyway? Read more

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Jacinta Nandi wants to have Deniz Yücel's babies – lots of babies with lots of Migrationshintergrund. Plus, she thinks Wulff was brilliant and that Gauck's an idiot. And her boyfriend agrees with her – except for the bit about Denis Yücel. Read more

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Photo by Like_the_Grand_Canyon (Flickr CC)

You know when you're with a sensible German boy at the supermarket, having a really reasonable conversation, and he just keeps on bringing out the devil in you? Jacinta Nandi does. Read more

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Thanks to a certain Salford genius, Konrad has figured out what Christian Wulff is for. Read more

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Lonely balloon

Photo by andrewsmh (Flickr CC)

German President Christian Wulff has been keeping a skeleton in his closet. But it's about the size of a sparrow. Read more


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