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Rosa Lux reloaded! 100 years after Rosa Luxemburg's death, Exberliner rediscovers the vibrant woman and prophetic thinker behind the revolutionary Berlin icon, and what makes her inspiring for generations of women today. Out now! Read more

From pioneering sound sculptors to up-and-coming producers, the fem fest’s fifth edition gathers an eclectic variety of artists at HAU2, Dec 6-8. Read more

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The occult is back! Exberliner tracked down the Berliners behind the trend: from a DIY tarot reader to a real-life ghostbuster, from techie astrologers to an old-school fortuneteller and our devilish cover boy. Out now! Read more

Ava Johnson on Puschenfest and diversity – or lack thereof – in indie today. Read more


All Berlin's cool kids are selling their soul to Porsche this month. Worth it? Ava Johnson investigates. Read more

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Exberliner investigates one of Berlin's most pressing issues: housing. From exploding rents to the companies cashing in on the student housing crisis; from former squatters fighting over property to alternative house sharing options. Out now! Read more

From party drugs to mental health, from artificial intelligence to sautéed Hirn – this October Exberliner is all about the brain! Plus: A scientist puts sleep myths to bed and we round up the month's festivals in film, music, art and stage. Out now! Read more

What does it take to get you excited for a concert? Bands and festivals are selling the “VIP experience” and milestone anniversary gigs to draw the fussy crowds. Read more

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Mark Allan

INTERVIEW: Ahead of opening this year's UK-themed Wassermusik festival at HKW with his Brexit Big Band, Matthew Herbert talks about renegotiating British identity and a government grant that backfired. Read more

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From slow jams to smell-o-vision, what you missed at this year's Torstraßen Festival. Read more


Have you ever seen a global superstar in concert before they were known? This might be your lucky month. Read more

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QUOTE! These days probably feeling anything but isolated, Berlin’s best indie nihilists play a homecoming gig at Astra Kulturhaus in support of new album "Vergifte Dich" on May 12. Read more

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The month, we take stock of the current state of hip hop in Germany as well as on the other side of the pond. Read more

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From 4D live shows to whizzing drones, MIRA (May 5) and the BVMAs (May 23-26) have your audiovisual needs covered. Read more

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This month, Berliner Festspiele continues its foray into the world of immersive art with the ISM Hexadome, a six-screen, 360-degree audiovisual system created by Berlin’s Institute of Sound and Music for artists to use as a multimedia playground. Read more

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With experimental and avant-garde on the rise, here’s your month in out-there (and less out-there) music. Read more

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INTERVIEW! East London buzz band Superorganism finally emerges from the shadows. They'll be embarking on a long-awaited cross-continental tour, including a stop at Festsaal Kreuzberg on Feb 23. Read more

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The eighth Chor@Berlin celebrates choir music for singers and non-singers alike is back for four days at Radialsystem and Universität der Künste starting Feb 22. Read more

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With her album release coming up this month, Laura Winkler tells us about her band Holler My Dear's new album "Steady As She Goes" (out February 2). Read more

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If you have even the slightest touch of francophilia in you, February is your month for music. Read more

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