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The English-language bookstore has been busy in past months, they’ve begun stocking used books, and in December opened a miniature café right inside the bookstore more


It's late. You ate dinner hours ago, but all that alcohol in there is getting lonely, and even if you're not really hungry, you still want it. We found someone to try five Neukölln döners, all costing less than €2. In 90 minutes. more

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Evidence of Dilated Peoples. He’s backpacking across Europe with underground undulators Atmosphere, Blueprint and Brother Ali, so toss on a hoodie and cargo shorts, for they shall all wander among us November 15. more

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Is it a storage room? No, Vorwende-Laden is just the biggest repository of pre-Mauerfall baubles, trinkets and dusty relics of GDR culture you‘ve ever seen, packed into a space three times too small. more

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Sep 19-23 is Social Media Week all over the world. What has Berlin contributed to our constant digital update-ification of the world? Artconnect Berlin! more

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The phrase, “American-style coffee”, doesn’t usually get Europeans excited, but Massachusetts-native Kris Schackman has set out to change this. In 2010, Five Elephant opened just south of Görlitzer Park and they've been brewing ever since. more

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A good barista knows his beans. These five coffee shops roast on site. more

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When the mercury rises, Berliners flock to their beloved biergartens. We sent the EXBERLINER editorial team out to explore the capital’s greenest, grandest and grungiest. more

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For Berliners, a bike is more than a transportation device; it is a must-have, a fashion statement, a lifestyle. here is our guide to cycling during the summer months and beyond. more

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The ashes of East of Eden are still smoldering, but already a phoenix is rising to take its place among Berlin’s expanding field of English-language bookstores – Dialogue Books. more

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A stone’s throw from the bustle of Hauptbahnhof, but a world apart, the island of Moabit is perfect for a waterside stroll... or even for camping. more

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Berlin's very own English-language, art-centric social network is set to launch in the middle of next month. Has the time of stumbling the dark internet alleyways between Craigslist and Kleinanzeigen finally come to an end? more

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Why this Czech-operated English bookshop has more going for it than its green-stained hardwood floors and comfy armchairs. more

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A spectre is haunting Prenzlauer Berg designer clothing outlets – the spectre of communism. Schivelbeiner is not just a Kneipe and Teehaus; it's the home of the world’s first apparently-socialist designer clothing brand, OCA. more

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Boris and Rodrigo married a year ago and started eating Paleo at the same time. After six months of hard labour, they delivered on May 12: they called the baby Sauvage. more

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In Berlin, one can party all night. But it’s not that easy to shop, eat or get a haircut past business hours. Conor O’Rourke tracked down the city’s best after-hours offerings to accommodate his noctambulous schedule. more

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Interview. Multi-instrumentalist Josh Dibb aka Deakin was absent from 2009’s Pitchfork dominating Merriweather Post Pavilion, but he’s back with the band. more

Forget the Multikulti credo preached by well-groomed cosmopolitan minds. From Russki disco to Senegalese dancehall to Prolet-paradise, we explored some of Berlin’s most monochromatic nightlife subcultures. more

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Mediaspree claims a victim as Club Maria closes its doors for the last time in the wee hours of May 22. Join in the existential festivities the first three weekends of this month, featuring acts both classic and modern. more

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