In the German papers this week: Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... more


A weekly round-up of news stories that piqued our interest or made us scratch our heads. This week: Antisemitism on the streets and on stage, the AfD and the world's famous club... more


REVIEW! Julianne Moore and Matt Damon make a highly entertaining pair in SUBURBICON, but George Clooney's weakly revived Coen Brothers script struggles to make a real dent. more


OUT NOW! Robert Pattinson continues to work against his YA rep and his efforts really pay off in GOOD TIME. more


Kottbusser Tor’s never been boring. But recently, a rise in gang activity, assault and petty crime have led to the media dubbing Kotti a “no-go zone”. What’s going on in Berlin’s most volatile Kiez? more

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The murder trial for Luke Holland, a British expat killed in Neukölln last September, is on now. The reason he may have been gunned down? Speaking English. more

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Is Kotti out of control? We take a look at the wave of drugs, violence, pickpocketing and gentrification hitting Kreuzberg's most loved/hated Kiez. more


Last week, the German Finance Ministry said it was thinking about ordering a €5000 cap on cash payments. They said it was for fighting crime and terrorism, because that's the easiest for you to understand. more


December 20's spectacular heist at KaDeWe has Maggie, much like the police, wondering who the culprits really are. And what they wanted that morning. more


So you're vacationing in Berlin this summer, and confused by the legions of joint-toking, jaw-chewing Berliners you encounter. Are drugs legal here or what? Christine Köhler-Azara, the city's drug commissioner, clears up the rather druggy waters. more


Änis Ben-Hatira was finally growing into the player that Hertha BSC fans hoped he would become – a gifted and speedy winger, free from off the pitch distractions. Unfortunately, he is back on the front pages, but we shouldn't be too quick to condemn. more


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Konrad promises he'll get back to making crappy jokes about anaemic German politicians next week, but he has to get something off his chest. more

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Neukölln Weserstr.

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Before we dive into 2012, here are a few stats to help you understand THIS tired old year. more


Where does that ‘secondhand’ bike you bought on the bridge came from? If anyone knows, it’s ‘S’, a Detroit native with four years of bike-stealing experience. more

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