Crime en Iomauna Media GmbH Wed, 31 Jul 2013 14:00:00 GMT The straight dope So you're vacationing in Berlin this summer, and confused by the legions of joint-toking, jaw-chewing Berliners you encounter. Are drugs legal here or what? Christine Köhler-Azara, the city's drug commissioner, clears up the rather druggy waters.

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Jacob Sweetman: Äniseed balls-up Änis Ben-Hatira was finally growing into the player that Hertha BSC fans hoped he would become – a gifted and speedy winger, free from off the pitch distractions. Unfortunately, he is back on the front pages, but we shouldn't be too quick to condemn.

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Konrad Werner: Julian Assange might be a rapist Konrad promises he'll get back to making crappy jokes about anaemic German politicians next week, but he has to get something off his chest.

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Seymour Gris: 2011 in numbers Before we dive into 2012, here are a few stats to help you understand THIS tired old year.

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Bike theft in Berlin: the facts Un/reported theft: In 2010, 19,942 bicycles were reported stolen, which places Berlin roughly on the nationwide average. But as second-hand bikes are hardly ever reported, the actual numbers could be much higher. Hipsters and tourists don’t report!

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Confessions of an expat bike thief Where does that ‘secondhand’ bike you bought on the bridge came from? If anyone knows, it’s ‘S’, a Detroit native with four years of bike-stealing experience.

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How not to get your bike stolen: tips from S 1) Get a good lock. You can buy one for €20 – the ones with the square links or the U-locks are the best; you can’t cut them. The circle chain ones – no matter how thick they are, you can cut those bitches. But, the square ones – I fucked up my lock cutters once trying to cut them.

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