Borden, Dan en Iomauna Media GmbH Tue, 24 Jun 2014 11:15:00 GMT Save Berlin: A tale of two condos New rich vs. Berlin poor: the continuing tale of Berlin's future urban landscape. But examples of affordable and conscious new housing are surfacing. Dan Borden on the revolutionary Spreefeld housing project – and its evil twin across the river.

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Tempelhof: Don’t fence me in! The city of Berlin has certainly touched a nerve with its plans to build on the city's unique open field. On May 25 the 100% Tempelhofer Feld initiative, which would keep the Feld wild, is put to a vote. Dan Borden explores what's at stake.

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Save Berlin: Zoo York With the Bikinihaus, now renamed Bikini Berlin, reopening on April 3, Dan Borden explores how the West is reclaiming its Times Square status, from Bahnhof Zoo to Zoo Palast and everything between.

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Save Berlin: Scenes from a revolution There’s a big drama unfolding on a little empty lot next to Alexanderplatz: will it be the site of a new 150-metre skyscraper? Dramatic architecture used to be welcomed by Berlin. Dan Borden explores Berlin's best through the film Æon Flux.

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Save Berlin: Malled to death We’re being invaded! Like a nasty worm, indoor shopping malls are an invasive species, recent arrivals feeding on Berlin’s native shops. The plague peaks this year with the arrival of a new breed of malls: bigger, meaner and ready to eat their own.

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Save Berlin: A snowball in hell City West is one part of town that gentrification can forget... or so one would think. As the more-than-100-year-old Hotel Bogota shuts its doors, it’s clear that even here, the phenomenon can do lots of damage. Dan Borden mourns the hotel's demise.

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Save Berlin: GDR pleasure palaces Dan Borden on the former East’s colourful meccas of socialist fun that were intended to win the hearts of its increasingly grumpy residents. Some are surviving and some are thriving.

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Save Berlin: Paradises lost? Dan Borden on two endangered sources of GDR fun: the former central zoo of East Berlin, Tierpark, and the seemingly forever-in-limbo Spreepark.

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Bowie wept here The Thin White Duke's Berlin years are all but mythic – the divided city birthed some of Bowie's darkest and most euphoric tracks. Dan Borden guides us through the clubs, bars and even bathhouses where nights were warm and the days were young.

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Save Berlin: Tech temples Little-known architect Han-Heinrich Müller's astonishing red-brick Bauhaus confections now house many of Berlin's most dynamic tech and IT companies. Would he be pleased?

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Save Berlin: Nomad chic Come fall 2013 Berlin welcomes Eba51, its first post-industrial-pre-fab container city: a cheap, mobile flat village offering affordable housing. But what are the repercussions of exiling Berlin's poor majority to the city's outskirts?

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Save Berlin: Tempelhof’s buried demons The sprawling 950-acre park/stage/playground that was formerly an airport is one of Berlin's most beloved urban experiments. But few realise that below their bicycles, rollerblades and high heels lie some of Berlin’s darkest secrets.

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Save Berlin: C/O’s spaghetti Western The beloved and ambitious photography gallery must leave its familiar Mitte space of seven years with a final goodbye on March 9. It packs up and heads west after that. But what ornery folk are behind this? Dan Borden explains the drama.

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Save Berlin: Towers of power The euro crisis drama has cast Germany as a pillar of economic strength and the real estate investors have taken notice. Dan Borden weaves his way through the forest of towers popping up across the city.

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Schinkel's Berlin EXB's Dan Borden gives a tailored tour of Berlin's architectural highlights that were masterminded by Karl Heinz Schinkel – founder of the Bauakadmie. Email Borden@exberliner to register. Meet on the platform at Französische Straße U-Bhf, 1pm.

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Save Berlin: The real thing The resurrection of the Prussian imperial palace has got Dan wondering when another of Berlin's architectural ghosts – Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Bauakademie – will get its chance.

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Save Berlin: Berg of broken dreams Dan Borden on Berlin's ever-changing urbanscape. This month: Teufelsberg. Blame bad karma or the Devil’s Mountain curse. After all, Teufelsberg’s cornerstone was laid by Adolf Hitler.

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Save Berlin: Loving the bombs Bombs shaped the city around us and shook up social order after WWII, but experts say that at least one in eight didn't explode. Dan Borden investigates Berlin's sleeping "architects" and their creations.

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Save Berlin: Disneyland birthday cake A city proud of its little-known roots or a massive publicity stunt? Either way on October 28 Berlin is throwing itself a 775th birthday party. Dan Borden explores the history framing this special day.

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Save Berlin: CBGB Syndrome The Berlin club scene is suffering a virulent beating from the dastardly dull. Much like CBGB's in New York, clubs made the town and now some of its residents are shocked by the noise. Dan Borden voices the anger from one casualty of such behaviour.

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