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Can't be bothered to cook this Christmas? Exberliner has got your goose (and other goodies) with a list of restaurants welcoming guests with seasonal cheer this December 24, 25 and 26. more

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Herrmann is the director behind arthouse debut feature Liebmann, screening December 6, 19:30, at Lichtblick Kino as part of our series on Berlin women filmmakers. Don't miss the premiere with English subs – and a Q&A with woman herself. more

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Are your nightmares dominated by overcrowded dining room tables and piles of dirty dishes? Berlin's restaurants come to rescue you from Christmas dinner toil. Here are five of the best places to eat out on Christmas Day. more

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Gabriel S. Moses is a sequential artist and graphic novelist. Catch his talk at the "A Game Of You" conference at Bethanien on Aug 8, or see his work at the "Facts & Fiction" exhibition in Lenbachaus through September 13. more

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In the mood for bagels? What about foccacia? From New York to eastern Europe to Italy, sink your teeth into fresh-baked bready treats at these three shops. more

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The much-hyped California Breakfast Slam has long been attracting droves of starving first-worlders. Since spring, it's had its own home base in Neukölln, serving the same endearing comfort food as before alongside lunch, dinner and cocktails. more

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The queues! The bouncers! The sandwiches! After visiting the Village Market at Neue Heimat, our newest blogger wonders when the 'street food' hype will end. more


Coinciding with our 11-year birthday blowout at Urban Spree, EXBtv launches the first in its series “Eating Out”. Our first guest: the inimitable Mary Ocher, who will also be playing our party with Your Government on June 15 at Urban Spree. more

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Knowing how much of a tip to leave when eating out can often be an scary experience. In another of our regular advice columns from Hans-Torsten Richter, he sheds light on Berlin tipping etiquette. more

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For all its much-vaunted grime, Berlin has its share of over-exposed, over-sanitised, and yes, overpriced tourist attractions. But scratch the surface, and you’ll be surprised what you can see on the cheap. more

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You can’t help it if you’re so ahead of the curve that you’re off the road entirely. You love Berlin’s dirt-cheap places not because they save you money (though that’s nice too) but because they’re the most interesting. more

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Toronto-based art-porn provocateur Bruce LaBruce is in Berlin enough to be considered, at the very least, a part-timer. Get his weekend lowdown! more

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By focusing on a distinct drive for quality food, a failed experiment comes good with something a little closer to home. Join this "culinary journey through German lands' for authentic German cuisine. more

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With a mouth-watering selection of Italian dishes nestled comfortably between the sumptuous curves of film goddesses Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, Cicciolina provides ample foreplay for lovers of good food and wine. more

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With a selection of vegan crépes, cupcakes, quiches and a sumptuous range of stews and salads, you can always leave it to the French to be so sinful first thing in the morning – and ethical, too! more

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March is (still) the season for hot liquid food. Here are five recommendations for bullshit-free, hearty, veggie-based, energy packed soup. more

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