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Berlin Feminist Film Week (Mar 7-13 at Babylon Mitte and Berliner Union Film) reclaims the big screen for the sisterhood this International Women’s Day. Read more


Exberlinale Interview: Ordinary xenophobia and the Undead

David Mouriquand interviews Canadian director Denis Côté for his Competition selected film, Repertoire Des Villes Disparues (Ghost Town Anthology). Read more

Feb 15, 2019 1:12 PM The Berlinale Blog

Exberlinale Interview: Opening wounds with Stitches

David Mouriquand talks to the director of Panorama favourite, Šavovi (Stitches). Read more

Feb 14, 2019 4:11 PM The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: Traumatic encounters

David Mouriquand rounds up two documentaries and a stirring drama, all dealing with the multifaceted topic of trauma. Read more

Feb 12, 2019 4:41 PM The Berlinale Blog

Exberlinale Interview: Coming of age in Quebec

David Mouriquand talks to Geneviève Dulude-De Celles, the director of one of his standout films this year, "Une Colonie" in the Generation section... Read more

Feb 12, 2019 4:06 PM The Berlinale Blog

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The Exberlinale Blog: Skaters & Highschoolers

David Mouriquand assesses the state of the coming-of-age genre with three films, including a must-see in Generations. Read more

Feb 11, 2019 1:04 PM The Berlinale Blog


Seamus Murphy

The Exberlinale Blog: Zombies before Polly

Several films this year deal with the topic of musical creativity and inspiration, including PJ Harvey doc A Dog Called Money, Système K, as well as the Generations section’s opening film, We Are Little Zombies. Read more

Feb 9, 2019 4:30 PM The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: Charlotte Rampling & The Existential Giallo

This year's 69th Berlinale has chosen to award British actress Charlotte Rampling with an Honorary Golden Bear and has dedicated the Homage section to a selection of her films, including the underseen 'Hannah'. Read more

Feb 8, 2019 12:08 PM The Berlinale Blog

Filmfestival Cottbus serves post-Soviet fare and comes loaded with movies about monkeys, writers and Soviet rock stars. On Nov 6-11 in Cottbus. Read more


Walter Crasshole on Berlin's 13th Pornfilmfestival, on Oct 23-29 at Moviemento and more. Read more


Explore the murky side of paradise at Australian and New Zealand film fest Down Under Berlin, Sep 19-23 at Moviemento. Read more


Visionär Film Festival scours the globe for under-the-radar talent May 2-7 across the city. Read more


The Exberlinale Blog: Touch Me Not hits the spot

We ponder this year's recipient of the Golden Bear, and share thoughts on another big awards-winner. Read more

Feb 25, 2018 5:00 PM , The Berlinale Blog 1 Comments

The Exberlinale Blog: Sheer(an) Torture

An Ed Sheeran doc had us howling with despair, but Steven Soderbergh's gloriously trashy new thriller offered some much-needed light relief. Read more

Feb 23, 2018 7:00 PM , The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: Pure idiocy

One of our critics watched the three-hour German incest movie so that you don't have to, while another unearths a low-key Korean gem. Read more

Feb 22, 2018 7:30 PM , The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: Happy Mondays

We start the week with a swing in our step, as we sing the praises of a couple of out-of-Competition corkers. Read more

Feb 19, 2018 6:00 PM , The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: Surviving the sinking ship

Underappreciated Russian writers, the M.I.A. documentary that ticked off its key protagonist and #MeToo in the Panorama programme. All in a day's work at the Berlinale... Read more

Feb 18, 2018 5:00 PM , , The Berlinale Blog

The Exberlinale Blog: A far from ruff opening

This year's Competition selection kicks off with Wes Anderson's newest, Isle of Dogs. It is his second foray into stop-motion and the first time the Berlinale has opened with an animated film. Read more

Feb 16, 2018 2:00 PM The Berlinale Blog

On February 15, the Berlin Film Festival’s 68th edition takes over the city for 10 days of movies, politics and glamour, bringing a splash of “carpet red” to our winter grey. Here’s our insider’s guide. Read more


Whether programmers, Kino founders or festival curators, for our February issue we found 12 women who are shaking up the city’s cinema scene. The first: Final Girls Berlin (Feb 1-3 at Friedrichshain’s Ladenkino) curator Sara Neidorf. Read more

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