Film en Iomauna Media GmbH Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:00:00 GMT OUT NOW! Our SEPTEMBER issue! Our new issue (on newsstands now!) is all about Berlin's digital rebellion. The whistleblowers, cypherpunks and hacktivists of the post-Snowden era are all here, and they're ready to fight. Are you with them?

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Summer in New York OUT NOW! Strong acting chops, great camera work and the beauty of New York's skyline make for a noble follow up to the acclaimed Once in BEGIN AGAIN.

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A new hope OUT NOW! Marvel rejuvenates itself with a fresh new franchise in the shape of James Gunn's excellent GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

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Berlin's burning: Top 5 punk spots Kreuzberg punk-stronghold SO36 turned 36 this month and in light of its staggering survival, we’re highlighting the five best punk spots – from venues to cinemas to shops – that show that Berlin’s burning… brighter than ever.

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Flyin' Cinema - Das Kabinet des Dr. Caligari A live band performs a newly composed score to Robert Wiene's classic horror flick The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the secret attic of Wilde Renate for extra spooky effect. Musicians include Peter Theremin, the grandson of the instrument's inventor!

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Twenty Years of Democracy in South Africa 2014 marks 20 years since South Africa's first democratic elections. Via poetry, symposia, music and film, HKW invites discussion about the successes and challenges that come with the transition to a democracy in South Africa and beyond.

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EXBlicks: Concrete gold! INTERVIEW. Most of us no longer see gentrification as an abstract debate, but not everyone has seen the phenomenon in the minutia: Katrin Rothe’s tale of urban displacement comes alive in Betongold on Fri, Aug 29, 20:00 at Lichtblick Kino.

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An animal inside OUT NOW! Themes of teenage angst and human-to-animal mutation manage to grip and enthral in the exquisitely shot WHEN ANIMALS DREAM.

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The inevitable OUT NOW! If you watched the first two, then it's pretty much a given that EXPENDABLES 3 is unavoidable.

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Die langen hellen Tage Tbilisi, Georgia: 1992. Best friends Eka and Natia struggle with parents and rebel against the rules throughout teenage-hood. Originally in Georgian, make sure not to miss out on this special screening with English (instead of German) subtitles!

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Snowpiercer The year is 2031, the world has plunged into a second Ice age and the last surviving members of humanity survive...on a massive moving train? Enjoy the last few weeks of summer watching this wintery flick in Kreuzberg's cozy Freiluftkino.

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Loach's last dance: Jimmy's Hall INTERVIEW: The stalwart socialist stays impassioned to the end! Legendary auteur Ken Loach's supposed last feature, Jimmy's Hall, is a post-Irish Civil War drama with a heavy dance element. It hits Berlin cinemas on Aug 14.

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A case for justice OUT NOW! Based on a biography by Paula Byrne; the alternative histories of DIDO ELIZABETH BELLE feel incongruous.

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Socialism's where the heart is OUT NOW! Despite flaws, the relationship between Ken Loach's latest, JIMMY'S HALL, is a passionate triumph.

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Dam confusing OUT NOW! Stunning visuals detract from the overall narrative in director Kelly Reichardt's abstract moody thriller NIGHT MOVES.

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On the outskirts of Berlin OUT NOW! Like the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Cindy's life is under construction. Her search for recognition among nearby airport engineers turns her tale around.

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The search for humour OUT NOW! Simon Pegg and Co. fail to do justice to the original French novel in the occasionally humorous HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS.

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Film or tits? OUT SOON! Isabell Šuba's MÄNNER ZEIGEN FILME & FRAUEN IHRE BRÜSTE is a poignantly painful mockumentary on misogyny in the film industry.

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Doctor Who: Special Screening The doctor is back and this time it's Scottish "The Thick of It" actor Peter Capaldi who wields the sonic screwdriver. For a one off special screening, Doctor Who fanatics will get their first taste of their new time lord via the silver screen.

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Jesus – The Film – The Book Filmed on Super 8 film and directed by the Berlin based media artist Michael Brynntrup, Jesus-The Film-The Book is a re-telling of the life and suffering of Christ whilst simultaneously channeling the spirit of 1980s german subculture.

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