FOMO Factor

How do you avoid getting ripped off by scammy Berlin food festivals? It's easy: Just don't go. more


From slow jams to smell-o-vision, what you missed at this year's Torstraßen Festival. more


Five thousand Berlin indie kids and a smattering of Brandenburg bros. No phone reception. No electricity. What happens next? more


How to tackle one of Berlin's most pressing problems? Why, with the help of a multinational beverage corporation, of course! Which has the added benefit of free drinks. more


An unexpectedly popular book festival gets Avocado Johnson thinking about the nature of viral Facebook events. more


How much do Germans really love David Hasselhoff? Avocado Johnson went to the first of his two Berlin concerts to find out, and left a true believer. more



Ava Johnson

Avocado Johnson on the La Mifa supper club and the hidden world of food press events. more

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In our brand-new blog, “Avocado Johnson” goes to that thing you’re curious about to answer the question: Are you missing out? This time: Brian Eno at the Gropius-Bau. more

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