John is not happy about all the black-red-gold in the city. But the lefty scene has come up with a fun solution. more


Yesterday, thousands of protesters filled the streets of Paris. In Berlin, the only thing making noise are the tourists. John wonders what's going on. more


Ever wondered exactly what goes into a Geflügelwurst? You're not alone. Here's a inside look at the complicated and secretive system of German food labelling regulations. more


The results are in! Berliner Gazette's 14th Slow Politics (Nov 13-15) conference at Wedding's Supermarkt yielded some hefty conclusions. more


German people only give a shit about freedom when it suits them, says Jacinta Nandi more

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Germany has the most successful renewable energy policy in the world, but now half the country is foaming at the month about a few euros a month to pay for it. more


The Russian punkettes have been shortlisted for an award dedicated to the German church reformer. more

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Jacinta Nandi thinks Germans are really, really, really bad at making small talk at parties. more

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The number of race motivated attacks in Berlin alone these days is startling. When is Germany, and Merkel and Gauck, going to wake up? There may be little hope of them having a Willy Brandt moment, but something needs to happen. more

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A group of elderly women (and one man) fight to save their senior centre from destruction and capitalist interests. One of Berlin's grander traditions is still being used to save the city. more

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Star Wars

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Konrad loves Germany's Constitutional Court. It's so dirty and shameless and exciting. And they wear big red coats. more

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Jacinta ponders the question of national pride. What good is it? Is it okay? And when did she become so damn German? Eventually, her answers come from a little more than a can of water and a discount mega-chain. more

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Sometimes Jacinta thinks she hates Berlin. She's just not used to people smiling at her anymore. more

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For Germany's first Euro 2012 match, Gris travelled to Lviv, Ukraine embedded in a troupe of fans. more


Fish and chips

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German people don't really love the royal family, like everyone says. They just think British people are uncivilised lunatics who eat soggy chips, so it figures they have a monarchy. more

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Thilo Sarrazin

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Konrad has got death-threat envy. It's not fair – he's said way worse things about Thilo Sarrazin than Mely Kiyak. more

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Norbert Röttgen

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Darth Merkel is getting nervous about next year's election – you can tell because she is starting to choke her admirals. more

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So, Jacinta Nandi doesn't want her kid to grow up to be the kind of German who thinks the worst consequence of the Holocaust is that every now and again German tourists in Bournemouth get some schoolkids doing the Hitlergruß at them. Boo-HOO. more

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Euro 2012

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Whenever a fat, powerful man says we should "keep sport and politics apart," something stinks of corruption and fascism. more

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Tax deadline is creeping up on us. And for the 2011 return, it may be May 31, but if you aren't thinking about it by now, you should. We have a few tips for those of you not so familiar with Germany's tax-appeal (and non-appeal). more

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