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10 Years Exberliner Cover Competition

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! So throw your work of art into the mix! And the winner of the coveted cover spot gets €100 gift certificate for art mega-store Modular! more »

Apr 4, 2012 in Features

Berlin Festival Ticket Giveaway

Wanna go? All you have to do to enter is simply go to EXBERLINER's new Facebook fan page and click on LIKE. That's all you need to do. See you at the festival! more »

Aug 31, 2011 in What's On (1 Comments)

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival 2011

Running from Thu, August 25 through Sun, August 28 the totality of the acts underlines not just the eclecticism of Polish taste but also provides a pretty solid snapshot of the state of the club in 2011. Plus, we've got tickets to give away. more »

Aug 9, 2011 by in What's On

Win an Aurora 4 solar charger!

Sure the batteries themselves can cause a lot of damage if not disposed of properly, but at least now there's a way to charge your iPhone/portable GPS/ digital camera in the greenest way possible. more »

Dec 1, 2010 in Zeitgeist

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Your Weekend: The poor house and what you want

Walter Crasshole gives you a few tips on how to get through a poor house weekend and how we can help and serves you up your fav raves anyways, as well as a couple interesting shows. more »

Oct 8, 2010 by in The Berlin Blog

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Closing Around the World in 14 Films is a movie loosely based on the ancient Ramayana tale of the kidnapping of Ram’s wife, Sita. Director Mani Ratnam presents filmmaking at its bravura best with a blinding mix of love, jealousy and vengeance. more »

Descriptions of Traxx's 40th birthday party wax sentimental about friendship and understanding (perhaps they're going soft in their old age?). Hopefully there'll still be room for lies and strife. New LCD-Soundsystem project Crystal Ark headlines. more »


Whether you win tickets from us or not, you don’t want to miss Schauspiel Köln’s take on the Chekov classic. With English surtitles. more »

British-Irish Film Fest, Britspotting presents that hilarious satire: Four Lions is a story of a group of goofy British jihadists. A conservative German politician calls for banning the film, as it jeopardizes 'national security'. Really, Mr. Mayer? more »