Closing Around the World in 14 Films is a movie loosely based on the ancient Ramayana tale of the kidnapping of Ram’s wife, Sita. Director Mani Ratnam presents filmmaking at its bravura best with a blinding mix of love, jealousy and vengeance. more »

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival 2011

Running from Thu, August 25 through Sun, August 28 the totality of the acts underlines not just the eclecticism of Polish taste but also provides a pretty solid snapshot of the state of the club in 2011. Plus, we've got tickets to give away. more »

Aug 9, 2011 9:00 AM What's On

Descriptions of Traxx's 40th birthday party wax sentimental about friendship and understanding (perhaps they're going soft in their old age?). Hopefully there'll still be room for lies and strife. New LCD-Soundsystem project Crystal Ark headlines. more »

Whether you win tickets from us or not, you don’t want to miss Schauspiel Köln’s take on the Chekov classic. With English surtitles. more »

British-Irish Film Fest, Britspotting presents that hilarious satire: Four Lions is a story of a group of goofy British jihadists. A conservative German politician calls for banning the film, as it jeopardizes 'national security'. Really, Mr. Mayer? more »

The live transmissions from the world's leading opera houses are flying into the Sony CineStar. Indeed, select the world's absolute leading dancers, musicians, choreographers and here is the unforgettable experience of dance from Moscow. more »

In Restrepo, a journalist and photographer followed the US Army 173rd Airbourne Brigade for one year during a deployment in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. The film is the unflinching account of what they saw. Part of the One World Berlin Fest. more »

The comedian Bill Hicks used comedy to enlighten people, to expand their minds. Mostly though, he pissed them off. The man who never accepted boundaries is back from the grave in an acclaimed documentary from Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas. more »

Universal Tellerwäscher are phatly prepared for the next party topping up the starring Plemo+Rampue with Ira Atari, One Foot in da Rave, Egotronic. This day in age, DJs ARE the rockstars. more »

Giant Sand scrambles lo-fi, country, jazz and punk into a mesmerizing mixture never failing to surprise. And the only show in Berlin is a celebration of their 25-year anniversary, re-release of their debut album, and release of their new album. more »

IQ is a highly respected, British progressive rock band with a 28-year history. Over 20 releases and almost 30 years of great live concerts is something that we can call a successful career. 2010 brought another, very important event - the 25 Anniversary of their classic album The Wake. To celebrate, they released a four-disc The Wake - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of original release. EXBERLINER is giving away five pairs of tickets for the IQ concert on October 22 at 20.00 in Lido. For your chance to win write to with "IQ" in subject by noon, Wednesday, October 19. Remember to add your full name. more »

Your Weekend: The poor house and what you want

Walter Crasshole gives you a few tips on how to get through a poor house weekend and how we can help and serves you up your fav raves anyways, as well as a couple interesting shows. more »

Oct 8, 2010 7:00 AM The Berlin Blog

Joe the Cello has a difficult temperament. Only Rebecca is allowed to procure from him the sounds that a Cello so rarely makes. That's bad news for Collin, who's enamored with Rebecca and looks to make his own music with her. This cabaret will certainly serenade your funny bone. EXBERLINER is giving away three pairs of tickets to the premiere. For your chance to win, write an email to – subject: "Cello" – by noon, Monday, October 11 (and don't forget to add your full name). more »

Comedy duo Bright Blue Gorilla (originally from Los Angeles) presents their latest film: Lose With English. It's amazing how many people in America would give their right arm just to lose a couple of pounds. Even more amazing are the people who view this industry as a growth market. So come on down and indulge with a night of laughs. EXBERLINER is giving away three pairs of tickets to the premiere. For your chance to win, write an email to – subject: "Gorilla" – by noon, Monday, October 25 (and don't forget to add your full name). more »

These Icelanders' (Sam Amidon, Ben Frost, Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigurðsson) music reflects the barren yet beautiful landscape of a small island on the edge of Europe with a mix of acoustic, electro, noisescapes and traditional folk. Calm, yet at times astucious and full of tricks, their dreamlike melodies offer an underlying hint of pleasurable uncertainty. EXBERLINER is giving away 3x2 tickets for this show. For a chance to win, send your answers to the following question to by noon on Friday, August 14 (please put "whale" in the subject heading): When (year) did the prohibition of "strong" beer end in Iceland? more »

While Robert Zimmerman prefers "Bob Dylan", folk musician Kristian Matsson is better known as The Tallest Man on Earth. TTMOE frantically strums his guitar as if there’s no tomorrow, whilst singing poetic ballads: many picked up on this infectiousness when Matsson opened for Bon Iver on tour back in 2008, and he’s been gigging and writing more and more ever since. more »


Danish band Slaraffenland hit the Big Bang Club for a night of melodious mayhem. The Copenhagen-based band play an addictive blend of rock, pop, jazz and noise. With Nordic by Nature DJ team. EXBERLINER is giving away tickets! Email with your full name and 'Slaraffenland' in the subject line for your chance to win. more »