From Bronze Age man to John and Yoko, the bed has claimed a singular place in the popular imagination. Maybe we aren't talking enough about bed? Read more


Sleeping with strangers has always been popular in Berlin. Officially now the third biggest CouchSurfing city in the world, whether you're searching a global social network or an easy pick-up, you're in the right place. Read more


If Batman were real, we would be the first ones to recommend that he settles down in Berlin. In the Fledermauskeller visitors can view 130 bats, which flap around behind a Plexiglass wall. Read more

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Psychologist, lecturer and author Klaus Vollmar explains the wonderful world of the subconscious – why kids have more nightmares than adults, whether cats and dogs dream, and how you'll one day stop dreaming. Read more

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Every night, when you tuck into bed and drift off to dreamland, your body and brain become a buzzing hive of activity. At the Charité Sleep Lab in Mitte, the research begins when the lights go out. Read more

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Five decades after his debut, the iconic television character is still going strong, despite once being split in two on either side of the Wall. Read more

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Cold, hungover, or simply don't want to leave the house this January? We've saved you the trouble. Here's a round-up of all the shops and services that would love to turn up at your door – for a small fee, of course. Read more

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In this town there’s always a place to pick up a pack of smokes, a beer or even groceries at five in the morning: Spätkäufe, or Spätis as they're affectionately known. Welcome to an insomniac netherworld of underdogs, thugs and boozehounds. Read more


If you were in any other country and it were this damn cold, you'd turn to the telly to hibernate comfortably. You can do that here now, too. We explain the alien world of German television for you non-natives. Read more

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Berlin-based American novelist is also well-versed on the subject of sleep. As a sufferer of sleep paralysis since his early teens, Wodicka made the strange nocturnal phenomenon the focus of his novel, The Household Spirit. Read more

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Cheaper than a shrink and cozier than a one-night stand, hitting the Kuschelparty circuit could be your best hope for staving off the lonely winter blues. Read more


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