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Cabin Spacey hopes to provide the nomadic, Berlin hipster elite of the future with the prefab home of their dreams. more

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From subway tunnels to supermarkets, how far will Berlin go to house its residents? Dan Borden investigates. more

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Discover Neon Wood, the student apartment complex smack in the middle of the city with single and double studio apartments, community areas and events, as well as wi-fi and utilities. Goodbye, WG-hunting! more


Berlin is finally trying to solve its housing crisis... with ugly new buildings awkwardly crammed into hallowed historical sites. Hooray? Our urban columnist weighs in. more


Over the last two years, some 75,700 people applied for asylum in Berlin. About half of them received it. Where do they live now? What does the future hold for them? more

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John's Hausverwaltung may be illegally charging him more money for a relatively common practice among tenants here. And, with regret, he's just going to let it happen... more

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Photo by Clemens v. Vogelsang (Creative Commons:

John loves East Berlin's Tierpark – a zoo that was created after an aristocratic house had their palace confiscated by the GDR. Are there any other things we could confiscate? Here's a few suggestions. more

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Think finding a flat is hard? Try it as an unemployed welfare recipient. For Berlin’s most vulnerable residents, the housing shortage is becoming a homeless crisis. People in Germany's Hartz-IV system are facing the streets. more


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