Syrian exile Mohammad Al Attar on "The Factory" – an indictment of Western multinationals’ role in his country’s war. more

Theatre & Dance

INTERVIEW! Erik Poppe on U – July 22, his harrowing, debate-sparking take on the 2011 Norway massacre. Out in Berlin cinemas on Sep 20. more


The DJ and writer on his cabaret-inspired queer act Godmother dropping their debut album. Hear it for the first time on the one-off talk show "The Late Joey Hansom" with Olympia Bukkakis on Sep 20, 21:00 at Roter Salon. more

Concerts & Parties

From rap records and performance art to piano albums and chamber music, ex-Berliner Chilly Gonzales returns in music documentary Shut Up And Play The Piano. It opens in Berlin cinemas of Sep 20. more


INTERVIEW! Alt-rock icons Garbage return to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their sophomore record, playing Version 2.0 in its entirety. Before they take the stage at Huxley's Neue Welt on Sep 18, we spoke to frontwoman Shirley Manson. more

Concerts & Parties

INTERVIEW: After forays into jazz, folk and film score composition, prolific Swiss singer-songwriter Sophie Hunger dives into the realms of synth-pop on her new album Molecules. She celebrates with five consecutive shows in Berlin, starting Sep 15. more

Concerts & Parties

American blues musician Daryl Davis has spent the last 35 years befriending members of the Ku Klux Klan. Disruption Network Lab hosts Davis for their keynote introduction (Sep 6, 17:00 at Kunstquartier Bethanien) to their "Infiltration" conference. more

What's On

Back to school! Here's our 13-page special on learning in Berlin with a guide to bilingual education, Germany's failing integration concept and coming out as trans in school. Also: prepping for the end, writing workshops, Chilly Gonzales and more... more

Kiez personality portrait: Trost on why the galleries of Kreuzberg can’t hold a candle to her favourite district. more

Interviews & Portraits 2 Comments

Romanian-born Loredana Nemes gets solo retrospective treatment at the Berlinische Galerie. It's on through Oct 15. more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW: Meet Robbie Antonio, the billionaire real estate entrepreneur who wants to bring Germany 21st century prefab – the luxury version! more

Interviews & Portraits 1 Comments

INTERVIEW: Invited to perform at the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift this Tue, US officer David A. Ratliff reminisces on his time in the divided city as an army band player. more


Johannes Schaff on making a spiritual sequel to Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt. It opens July 12 in Berlin cinemas. more


INTERVIEW! Karim Aïnouz on how he changed his focus from Berlin’s three airports to refugees in film "Zentralflughafen THF". It hits Berlin cinemas on Jul 5. more


INTERVIEW! Mekas on shaping New York’s cinema culture and the state of modern film criticism. From July 5-8 the Edit Film Culture! days pay tribute to Mekas with films, an exhibition and a concert (Silent Green). more


Summer is here! Check out our guides to the creamiest vegan gelato, the best and worst bike-sharing schemes and hot summer reads. Plus: The new faces of Spandau, krays in Tiergarten, allergy attacks and more... on newsstands now! more

INTERVIEW! The trial of the young Syrian involved the infamous "Berlin Kippa attack" is already underway as of Tuesday... with a verdict expected soon. But what's the real state of antisemitism in Berlin and Germany? We talked to the expert. more


INTERVIEW! German actor Nico Holonics on playing "The Tin Drum" alone on stage, in English. Catch it at Berliner Ensemble on June 20, 19:30. more

Theatre & Dance

Upon his return to the stage, Patrick Wagner of noise rock band Gewalt talks about the cruelty of hipster coffee and the solidarity that helped overcome his fears. Gewalt takes on a not-so-regular gig at Kunstverein Neukölln on Jun 17. more

Concerts & Parties

INTERVIEW! Mother-daughter duo Gaby and Sonya Gropman discuss how their very personal cookbook revives a forgotten culinary tradition. more

Food & Drink

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