issue 170

Originating in 19th-century Brazil and now popular throughout Europe, the scintillating moves of Forró have been setting Berlin’s dance floors – and a few hearts – alight. more


Want to dance, sing and fight with the Brazilian pros? We got a workout at three of Berlin’s many studios. more


OUT APRIL 26! more


Want to know how to become a polition or know if your Hausverwaltung is verarsch-ing you? Hans-Torsten has the answers! more


Gallery Weekend returns Apr 27-29, with 46 galleries hosting some of the year’s biggest openings. Here are our top seven picks. more

Art & Exhibitions

When it comes to Brazilian food in Berlin, there’s truly something for everyone. We sampled the wide range of options. more

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What’s happening behind darkroom doors these days? Walter Crasshole examines the changing rules. more


FilmPolska (Apr 25-May 2) returns with its most daring line-up to date. more


Photographers find beauty in industrial architecture and landscapes across three Berlin exhibitions. more

Art & Exhibitions

Whether you’re commemorating ‘68 or raising the flag for #MeToo, get in the protest mood at these April shows. more

Concerts & Parties

Julien Bracht of ambitious Berlin postpunk duo Lea Porcelain tells us how to make it big in the post-digital age. They play Funkhaus with Anika on Apr 14. more

Concerts & Parties

OUT APRIL 19! more


They say pizza is like sex – it’s good even when it’s bad, but rarely is it truly memorable. You’ve got to have a gimmick to stand out in Berlin’s overcrowded market these days, and these four pizzerias have found theirs. more

Food & Drink

With a menu resembling the periodic table and bartenders in lab coats, Labor Berlin caters to Berlin's craft-beer needs with a "experimental" twist. more

Insider Tips

Performer, activist, troublemaker; proud Roma and father Hamze Bytyçi is arguably one of the most recognisable and personable faces of Berlin’s Roma community, and is inviting all Berliners to “come out” in celebration of International Roma Day. more

Interviews & Portraits

Achtung Berlin is back with a hefty helping of locally sourced cinematic treats, Apr 11-18. more


In the #MeToo era, Alfilm audaciously delves into Arab masculinity. Catch it in cinemas across the city Apr 11-18. more


Black's second solo exhibition at Capitain Petzel is on through Apr 14. more

Art & Exhibitions

Turkish artist Nilbar Güreş on using humour and fabric to craft her own political language. Her two exhibitions at Galerie Tanja Wagner and the Schwules Museum end Apr 13 and 15 respectively. more

Art & Exhibitions

This year, the 18th F.I.N.D. Festival wrestles with bad memories (Apr 6-22). more

Theatre & Dance

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