Issue 113

It may be easy to write Roamers off as yet another on-trend cafe on Pannierstraße, but the labors of Flore Schmidt and Chris Schiefner make this place stand out – which can be seen in their shakshuka, smoothies and, of course, on Instagram. Read more

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Scrumptious snack-sampling Berlin foodies have a weekly hookup for delectable treats inside Kreuzberg's Markthalle IX. With an abundance of options, this gourmet market is sure to satisfy. And it delivers more with its new Street Food Thursday. Read more

Food & Drink

Think Korean was so 2010? Think again, says Françoise Poilâne, who finds three of the best east Asian eateries to heat up your cold spring. Read more

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Schrippen (aka common breakfast rolls) get the short end of the stick, reputation-wise. Our French food critic comes to their defence and shortlists the best Bäckereien to get your white bread fix. Read more

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Passover is coming up in a little over a week (March 25) – a perfect time to try one of the many diets that are all the rage these days: gluten-free. Berlin is on the bandwagon, too. But are we that food intolerant? Read more


Shirts and skirts inspired by Tel Aviv without the sting in the tail: Rooey Vollman on the Berlin label Eva & Bernard. Read more

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Funky fermentation never tasted so good. Fräulein Kimchi has made it her mission to introduce Berliners far and wide to the spicy sibling of traditional sauerkraut. And her goods are fresh on the market. Read more

Food & Drink

Fridey Mickel looks into what happens when galleries meet gastronomy. At Gartenstudio (Kreuzberg), Kantine (Mitte) and Zagreus Projekt (Mitte) people are in for heady concepts as well as heavy bellies. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

A slice of New York in Kreuzberg? Villa di Wow feeds Berliners and expats alike just that: pizza loaded with cheesy, greasy goodness and optionally pumped up with pepperoni. And it's not at New York prices! Read more

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When it comes to pork, most of us don't wanna know, preferring ignorance to keep on eating. But pioneering organic pig farmer Bernd Schulz says you can know and live with yourself, through a project that “gives meat a face”. Read more

Food & Drink

Burritos. Stuff 'em in your mouth and love 'em. But are all burritos created equal? We take on the burrito takeover of Berlin that's bridging Germany and Mexico, one tortilla at a time. Read more

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