Joachim Gauck

You'd think Merkel and Gauck, having both lived in a police state, might give a bit more of a shit about Egypt's political prisoners. If they really have to sell German stuff, they could at least pretend to be ashamed of themselves. Read more

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After a century of denial, the German government has finally recognised the 1915 Armenian genocide. Historian Jürgen Gottschlich tells us what this means. Read more


Why do we keep thinking that NATO is going to solve our problems? Read more


Konrad is going to try to fix your attention on German politics for 10 FUCKING MINUTES again. This week, why Joachim Gauck is the most craven president Germany has had for at least 10 years. Read more

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The Manic Street Preachers had it right. At least in 2010. Read more


In his Christmas speech, German President Joachim Gauck used an African asylum seeker baby to illustrate his sermon about Christian love, but decided not to pour righteous Christian fury on the EU's refugee policy. Read more

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