Prosecuting media outlets has become Germany's new favourite thing – after Böhmermann, public prosecutors have now started going after journalists who uncovered Heckler & Koch's illegal arms deal. Read more


INTERVIEW! In Berlin on the occasion of the Logan CIJ Symposium, the legendary US investigative journalist gave a piece of his mind on American lies about Syria, ignorant journalists and why he doesn't have many friends among the press corps. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Ready to "Challenge Power"? Here's your chance with an exciting mix of whistleblowers, journalists and activists as The Centre for Investigative Journalism in London organises its first Logan Symposium here in Berlin March 11-12 at bcc Berlin. Read more


INTERVIEW. The quarterly publication Texte zur Kunst celebrates 25 years of leading the art publication world in theory and debate. Read our interview with the co-founder and the editor-in-chief. Read more

Art & Exhibitions


Syrnet social media editor Majid al-Bunni at work. Photo by Francesca Torricelli

From an office in Mitte, six Berliners are working tirelessly to support the opposition in Syria via a chain of 11 dissident radio stations. We followed them for a day on the air. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

A petition co-initiated by Berlin digital dissident Jacob Appelbaum and circulated among international journalists and campaigners comes to the defense of the editors of Netzpolitik. We've signed on – and so should you. Read on to find out why. Read more


If it hadn't been for the Verfassungschutz's treason charges, would anyone have even read Netzpolitik in the first place? Read more


We were shocked and saddened to hear about today's murder of Charlie Hebdo's journalists and caricaturists. Our hearts go out to our colleagues in Paris, and we honour their fearless commitment to freedom of press. Read more


Okay, the Kohl Transcripts book is a bit clickbaity and gossipy. But journalists should stand up for its right to be published, not get all smug and moral about it. Read more


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