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Did Dimitri Hegemann just save Berlin’s art scene? Was its structure crumbling? Kraftwerk Mitte opens its doors with Realstadt, an architectural exhibition of German cities over the past 50 years. more

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Soma by Carsten Höller creates an amusement park for the art world. But is this ride more Tilt-a-Whirl than Space Mountain? more

Art & Exhibitions

Akademie der Künste's South American excursion feels like idealized commercialism, but the works are beautiful. more

Art & Exhibitions

The six-week European Month of Photography festival pastes Berlin’s topography into a city-wide ‘scrapbook’. From its hub at Berlinische Galerie, exhibitions radiate out into 100 venues of various kinds. more

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Berlin's art fairs don't have the six-figure price tags, ultra-elite collectors, or big name artists that ArtBasel, Miami Beach, and Frieze do. But that's not necessarily a bad thing... more

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A bit like orientation at college: Berlin's art fair week, inaugurating Berlin art scene's 2010-2012 season, isn't just about art...kinda in the same way that your Uni's O-Week definitely had more going on than practical orientation. more

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OUT NOW! A real horror film, Lebanon's amazing cinematography makes the grotesqueness of urban warfare all the more intense. more


Reassembling the fashion industry production line, Berning and Di Battista give a look at the industry through art – but inside out. more

Art & Exhibitions

ON NOW! Arab or Jewish? Israeli photographer/video artist Dor Guez’s ID card says “Jewish”, but his family history is not as straightforward. With his solo exhibition Al Lydd, he paints a counter-narrative of Palestinian culture. more

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After a short and chaotic life, Berlin’s Temporäre Kunsthalle died of natural causes on August 31. We assess the TKH’s ephemeral existence… and its legacy. more

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With his unorthodox childhood and politicised works, Lemi Ponifasio is not your average dancer. He doesn't have a troupe: he has a "community". more

Theatre & Dance

IN PICTURES! A child of Palestinian refugees who fled to Lebanon in the wake of the 1948 war, Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis winner Mona Hatoum's most striking work riffs on scattered identity. more

Art & Exhibitions

PICK OF THE WEEK! Documentaries are hot, but most regurgitate well-known information and leave the unknown... unknown. Globians – “the festival of necessary films” – focuses instead on undiscovered topics. more


Frida Kahlo's in town. So's Robert Capa. And don't forget Bruce Nauman, Louise Bourgeois and Art Spiegelman. Wondering who to see? more

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This city is an ice cream lover’s paradise. Countless parlours pop up with the first rays of spring sun, offering a vast array of frozen delights for mere pocket change. Here's our definitive guide... more

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OUR PICK: A lot has changed since 1947, when the world’s foremost photo agency was founded by Henri Cartier-Bresson. C|O sums up 60 years of photojournalism's biggest names. more

LAST CHANCE! Three couples, three sets of folding chairs, the bullet-point outline of three relationships: Lovepuke garbage-disposes the epic tales of three archetypal couples into a 90-minute play. more


NOW SHOWING! A hit at Cannes 2009, this comedy about the cringe-worthy first sexual encounters of two teenage boys strikes a fragile balance between slapstick and sincerity. more


LAST CHANCE! The spine-tingling, prize-winning images in Willy-Brandt-Haus' exhibition do more than illustrate news stories: they turn photojournalism into fine art. more

Art's most radical experiment comes to Berlin: bid (with services!) on unnamed, uncaptioned, unauthored and unpriced works... that may or may not be by somebody famous. more


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