The addictive language learning app – for Brexit Brits and everyone else who wants and/or needs to get their German up to speed more


Still want to learn German but just can't fit it into your busy schedule? We've all been there. New language learning platform Lingoda is a pretty damn good solution for when school just isn't an option. more

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Denglisch, Germlish or just plain bad German? He's no linguistic purist, but Seymour has "the Nase voll" with this Scheiße. more

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"Und das ist auch gut so..." After a lot of deliberation regarding ourselves and the changing social landscape of the city, we've made a radical decision: Read on to find out what future holds in store for Berlin's international magazine. more

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See the year out with a bang – Jacinta Nandi's next Lesebühne is on December 27 in Hipster-Paradise, Ä. more


Jacinta Nandi thinks Chemnitz is a really wonderful place, but that might just be because she hates paying for drinks. more


Jacinta Nandi's son isn't even a teenager yet but he's already put her on a very strict anti-kissing programme. Things can only get, er, even worse. more

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Still struggling with a list of German words shorter than the U55 line and a vocabulary limited to ‘Scheiza’, ‘oder?’ Maybe it’s time you thought about going back to school. Luckily, we've done our homework and found seven new exciting options! more

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Crisis on the wall

Photo by János Pálinkás (robinsoncaruso; Flickr CC)

This week, Konrad gets his knickers in a twist about one little word, like he's some kind of linguistically-obsessed transvestite. more

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