Maurice von Ritz

We wrap up our lavender look back at Maurice von Ritz' column with a little something for the not so bent among us. Hope you enjoyed the columns this week, Marys. From issue #71, April 2009. Read more


The fifth installment of our Gay Berliner retrospective. What do women want from (straight) men? Does their affinity for gay men tell us something in that regard? From Issue #64, September 2008. Read more


Installment number five from our re-run of The Gay Berliner column. Here, Maurice ponders the sameness in different people of the same gender. From issue #46, January 2007. Read more


Even though Exberliner is still much too gay, we used to get letters about it a few years back. Of course, Maurice von Ritz was on it to rectify our over-homo-saturation. From issue #43, October 2006. Read more

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Installment number three in our week-long rerun of our much loved former column. We dug up a vocab lesson for today. Maurice von Ritz' helpful guide to gay male sex and its terminology originally appeared in issue #41, July/August 2006. Read more


Installment number two in our week-long rerun of our much loved former column. Number two in our series was originally printed in issue #37, March 2006. Read more

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After very little debate, Maurice von Ritz's "The Gay Berliner" has been chosen by readers and staff alike as best column. "The Gay Berliner" ran from 2003 to 2007 and this week we present a dose of the best faggotry our magazine has to offer. Read more


Born in Africa and raised in England, Maurice von Ritz was Exberliner’s popular gay columnist for eight years until he was poached by the BBC, where he currently works (under his real name) as a foreign correspondent “in a hot and remote country”. Read more

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