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Shoes on the tracks: Blood Red Shoes

Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell met through the Brighton punk scene. Celebrating a decade together, last year the duo shunned the slick professionalism of the UK and decamped to Berlin for six months. They'll be playing Astra on Thu, Apr 10. more »

Apr 3, 2014 by in Music & nightlife

A chat with... Dillon

The former German YouTube sensation returns: delayed by struggle, Dillon's sophomore effort "The Unknown" was released at the end of March. She’ll be bringing abrupt clarity to Heimathafen Neukölln on Thu, Apr 3. more »

Apr 1, 2014 by in Music & nightlife

OUT NOW! Our APRIL issue!

This April's all about families: past and future. We talk to the descendants of a death camp commander, a radical lefty and a GDR leader and look at nuclear-free constellations. Plus alt schools, Alte Schönhauser, an anti-toddler rant and more! more »

Mar 31, 2014 in Features (1 Comments)

A chat with... We Are Scientists

INTERVIEW. The nerdy-aber-sexy power-pop duo bounce from self-help lectures to stage. Stay up after hours at Lido on Mar 24 at 8pm. more »

Mar 19, 2014 by in Music & nightlife

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Amok Mama: The worst buskers in the world

Jacinta asks why Berlin's buskers so bad. She doesn't know, but she has a solution. more »

Apr 7, 2014 by in The Berlin Blog (2 Comments)

Transmediale/CTM interview: Robert Henke

Just two more days until Transmediale and CTM come to a close with Robert Henke's "Lumiere". Read our interview with the Berlin electronic music luminary before experiencing the laser-packed performance at HKW on Sun, Feb 2 at 9:30pm. more »

Jan 31, 2014 by in The Berlin Blog

Photo by MDR/DOKfilm/Thomas Uhlemann

Seymour Gris: Springsteen in East Berlin

The Boss hit the GDR in a massive 1988 concert in East Berlin. But how influential really was this massive rock spectacle? Probably more so than anything ever said by US president Ronald Reagan. more »

Jan 28, 2014 by in The Berlin Blog


Michal Andrysiak

CTM/Transmediale 2014: Back when Russia was cool

The week-long digital art/music festival opened on Friday with a new (and free!) exhibition full of hands-on sonic Soviet bliss. Check back on our blog for updates from CTM and Transmediale through the fest's end on Feb 2. more »

Jan 27, 2014 by in The Berlin Blog

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Mitte anthropology

Whispers of Mitte's nightlife death have been floating through Berlin for a while, but it's never actually come to pass. Cosy new addition Larry breathes new life into the scene with its upmarket-dive bar appeal. more »

Mar 3, 2014 by in The Best of Berlin

Proof vinyl's not extinct

Looking to pick out some choice LPs without getting black lung from crate dust? Vinyl-only shop Dodo Beach, a project from mega-promoters Trinity, has got the Platten you need – and others you didn't know you needed. more »

Dec 9, 2013 by in The Best of Berlin

Spotlight: Musikfest

Musikfest welcomes 20 top orchestras to celebrate three Eastern European composers and two 100th birthdays at the Berliner Festspiele’s annual classical festival on through Sep 18. Summer Banks has your highlights. more »

Sep 4, 2013 by in Music & nightlife

Sure to make waves

Catch a wave into a pool of Pacific culture at the pregnant oyster, as Wassermusik – an ostensibly water-themed music festival with accompanying film programme – begins making a splash on July 18 at HKW. more »

Jul 15, 2013 by in The Best of Berlin

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New alternative night in one of Berlin's finest subterranean drinking den playing alternative classics and contemporary tunes opening night feat. DJs Sean Doherty and Dylan Harris, guest spinners from Crystal Castles and Howling Bells on the horizon more »


The good sailors at Badeschiff keep the Easter weekend (and the kids) afloat with live music, food from Bite Club and a vintage market from Sing Blackbird. When the sun goes down on the Saturday, stay afloat for sets from Alex Do and Nihad Tule. more »


The electronica and experimental music label Antime will be shaking their eggs this Easter Sunday in a showcase of live music from the likes of Golden diskó ship, Fontarrian, Midimùm, Kalipo, Occupanther and Moonray. more »

It’s been a decade since Fairmont swapped his skateboard for techno and set up his tiki hut with the other two founding dudes of BeachComa, Metope and Pan/Tone, in 2009. He completes the label’s line-up at Suicide with Sid Le Rock and Dirty Haynes. more »