A launch party for the Spreerausch festival, coming to you on the Baltic Sea sometime in May. To get a taste of why you should travel, check it out here, first. more »

Somewhere between pure, hypnotic jazz, funk and soul sounds, and vibrant Latin and Afrobeat-rhythms lies the musical trip that is Mop Mop. Their otherworldly beats are accompanied by an afterparty with Daniel W. Best and more on the decks. more »

The DJ Duo and music blog celebrate five years of life on the scene, despite their name. Greco-German duo Brax Moody and Vamparela throw a birthday party including Heretic, Franz Underwear and the duo themselves on the decks. more »

The ethereal and synthy minimalism of Magic Islands shines now on EP! Celebrate its release by catching the young musician live with special guests Lief Hall, Jack Chosef and Better Person. DJ Deepmoods and Karl Monica lay down the tracks after. more »


Do you live in Berlin? Do you like food? Then you need to read this. On newsstands now, our February food special tells you what, where and how you'll be eating in 2015. more »

Jan 29, 2015 12:00 PM Features

A few questions for... White Fence

White Fence is enfolded in a musical junk shop of the past 50 years, created for those fond of old records and hissing gear. The LA-based Tim Presley rolls out of the rock garage into Berghain Kantine on Tue, Feb 3. more »

Jan 29, 2015 10:00 AM Music & nightlife

Just as the excesses
 of 1960s rock led to
 super groups along the lines of Emerson, Lake
and Palmer, the EDM jet
 plane filled with Rubles
 has led to a massing of
 electronic super groups,
 the most promising being
 Future Brown. more »

He may just dance around for a bit, however unpigeonholeable 
guitarist Fred Frith is 
edging back toward his 
roots in British improv
 with a trio (Jason Hoopes
on bass, Jordan Glen on drums) that evokes Derek Bailey in its lucidity. more »

With kalimba and 
percussion distorted past
 the brink of avant-garde thanks to a system of
 homemade speakers
 constructed from junkyard
 scraps, Berlin regulars Konono perform at Neue Heimat on the Feb 8. more »

He allegedly appeared from a place between space and time and The Magician's smooth grooves can be expected with Kunst & Teknik alum DJ Supermarket and Jack Tennis, Local Suicide and a live set by Martaneng. more »

Abstaining from concealing her trip hop roots, (as some of her comprades can be accused of doing) Jennifer Lee aka Tokimonstat is billed with 3 Feet Hi crew, Steinwald and Charlie Brown. more »

Soul Explosion’s King Dynamite has reinvented himself as boom bap believer DJ Beat Mathematics and will be rejoicing in the golden era of Hip-Hop at Lido on the Feb 13. more »

Former Bip Hop label-
head and unrepentant 
Frenchman Philippe Petit has recorded with
 a coffin’s worth of dark-,
no- and anti-wave folks,
including Lydia Lunch,
Foetus, Edward Ka-Spell
and even Jad Fair and he'll be in Berlin on the 6th. more »

A few questions for... Craig Leon

INTERVIEW: Though primarily involved in classical composition these days, Craig Leon was there at the start of the Max’s/CBGB’s scene as an A&R man and producer for the Ramones, Blondie and Suicide. He’ll be performing on Thu, Jan 29 at HAU1. more »

Jan 27, 2015 3:45 PM Music & nightlife

Celebrate the release of Western duo VOLK's first maxi single: "Boutique Western Swing Compositions" with an evening hosted by the infamous Piffle radio brothers. Live sets from special guests Great Danes and, of course, VOLK, plus vegan catering! more »

DJ Kali plays what she calls “Bolly-tech”, BlackBlackGold leans toward future bass and grime, Bella Cuts tears down the walls of genre, and the Boo Hoo DJ team entertain, plus Dubais provides an Arab-futurist multimedia stage performance. more »

Get up before the sun does!

Servicing those who want a taste of counterculture on their own terms, Morning Gloryville Berlin is an early morning rave replete with massages instead of molly, and more healthy sins. Bless yourself on Jan 28 at Neue Heimat. more »

Jan 21, 2015 12:00 PM The Best of Berlin

Everyone's favorite Wedding bowling alley jumps into the open mic game. Trying to get your music career out of the gutter? Maybe tonight's the night you strike! Each band gets three songs and/or 15 minutes. more »

An exhibition featuring the two animated Polish characters cum cult figures of the 20th century shows the beloved twosome as homosexuals, drug addicts or other sorts of outcasts transposed onto a avant-garde dystopia. Followed by Polish techno. more »

A compilation of artists making quite the Klang in the 1980s, the release features more than just noise... a discussion with selected artists, film screening of live acts from the 1980s, a few short performances and a DJ featuring Felix Kubin. more »