• In support of AIDS orphans in Namibia, VOICES brings us their 12th fundraising concert with plenty of jazz, classical, and pop music, as well as snacks, drinks and Namibian crafts for purchase. more »

  • A plentitude of talents from Jacques Renault, Session Victim, Ralph & Larry Houl and Jacob Korn, to name a few, will be serving up an intoxicating mix of hip hop, house and techno for you to lose track of time to. more »

  • The spoken-word folk-electronic duo celebrate the release of their second album The Crone and the Maiden with a live audio-visual performance collaboration with Cristina Busto. Expect poetic, visual, musical madness. more »

  • Put on your doll costumes and rock out to the first album from the "twisted toy box of demented musicians" and their cabaret shenanigans. With murderous tunes from Godmother to open and a human marionette as a host, can it get any creepier? more »

  • Wackier than the B-52s’ accountant after his clients submit their expense account, Pacific Northwest pop-punkers Tacocat work a thrift-shop psychedelia that doesn’t belie their riot grrrl directness. more »

  • With his acid-tongue now sharing space with a chemo bath, the wit and wisdom of occasional National Front supporter Morrissey may not be long for this world, but, worse-comes-to-worst, he’s going to leave an excellent tombstone. Anna Calvi opens. more »

  • Long in the shadow of musical mum, dad and attention-seeking bro, Martha Wainwright broke from the pack in 2008 with an album detailing the destruction of her marriage while refreshingly revelling in the role of villain. Michael Wookey opens. more »

  • They were pioneering black rock in the mid-1970s, way before Vernon Reid was twisting his first dread into place. They may not be as acid-drenched as P-Funk, but their best tracks are acidic nonetheless. more »

  • With 40 percent of Berlin planning to move to Detroit to work for Dimitri Hegemann, a little more space has been created to move some of Detroit to Berlin, with techno grandfathers Derrick May, Kenny Larkin and Moodymann representing electro-future. more »

  • Just short of 20 DJs, representing most of the digits you didn’t lose in a previous night at Butzke, including one of Kenya's finest, Just a Band, Berlin longtimer Jahcoozi, Bristol's Rob Smith, and an atlas' worth of others. more »

  • Disco legend The Gallery's Nicky Siano makes the house music vocal keystone Robert Owens seem like a young sprite. EDM is overthrown for IDM, with a live set from Planet Mu’s Venetian Snares and a DMX Krew DJ set. more »

  • Berlin-based label Blackest Black Ever celebrates its fourth year with some of the whitest music ever, including Cut Hands, the latest project from Whitehouse’s William Bennett. For backup there’s Black Rain. more »

  • The concept of the collective comes under fire as Gob Squad celebrates their 20th anniversary, marking the milestone with a weekend of performances, films, talks and music at HAU 1 and 2. more »

  • A look back on Germany's colonial past, with performances, films, workshops, and a concert by the Pan-African Groove Collective and an interdisciplinary jam session for the opening on Nov 15. Through Feb 26, 2015. more »

  • The 50th anniversary of the festival builds on themes of retrospect and dreams of the future, freedom and civil rights past and present, featuring everyone from legendary old-timer Benny Golson to forward-thinking group Jason Moran and the Bandwagon. more »

  • MovemBerlin presents an evening of English-speaking comedy, music, and a tombola in aid of Movember, a charity which addresses men’s health issues by encouraging you to grow out your moustache to raise awareness. more »

  • Just nine days after he releases his new album Avonmore, the ex-Roxy Music frontman legend in his own right touches down here for your pleasure. more »

  • Those pretty-boy-punks from Copenhagen are waving their new album Plowing Into the Fields of Love under our noses whilst on their way around the mostly thawed-out globe. more »

  • The series intersecting queer-theory, feminism and music continues with newcomer James K.'s experimental pop live. Veteran electro-queen Planningtorock DJs alongside Matt Sims and Sick Girls. more »

  • Jazzing the Germans

    INTERVIEW. Jazzfest Berlin is 50. Involved since year three, Alexander von Schlippenbach shares his unique insight into the events and people who have set the tone for one of Europe's oldest jazz festivals. Oct 30-Nov 2, Haus der Berliner Festspiele. more »

    Oct 27, 2014 Music & nightlife