Soon to be bulldozed but promised a new space by the investors, Friedrichshain's beloved indie spot will go on – in some form. But its equally beloved house band and their raucous Italodisco covers may not. Say arrivederci to them and Antje tonight. more »

Mdou Moctar and his band are back with more afrobeats infused with psychedelic rock. Moctar's sick self-taught guitar skills brought people to Monarch in droves in November, and we're sure it'll be just as packed this time. more »

"The quietest rapper in the world" is releasing his self-titled album of minimal soul and quiet pop. Berliner Allie got his influence from the cheesiest of pop stars like Michael Jackson and Enya, and trap hip hop like Gucci Mane and Rick Ross. more »

Amália Leandro, a.k.a. DJ Amália dives into her European summer tour with only one night in Berlin. She's spun her signature deep tech-house beats from Miami to Ibiza and even does her own vocals. You don't want to miss this sound. more »

May the Schwarz be with you

INTERVIEW. Starting in the early 1990s as DJs, the Schwarz brothers transformed into tech-house heroes Tiefschwarz, a name now synonymous with the Berlin club scene. Porn king Khan joins them for some heavy breathing on Friday, June 12 at Watergate. more »

Jun 9, 2015 12:15 PM Music & nightlife

The biggest music store in Berlin is throwing a bash on their rooftop terrace. There'll be a photo exhibition from Ashley Bird, live performances from LuAmi and the DuBarrys, and a Q&A with Ian Matthews (Kasabian) and Mike Joyce (The Smiths). more »

The open-air festival in Kreuzberg 61 brings three days of jazz from all over the world. Go shopping, grab a bite and hope for nice weather. more »

Free music storms the streets of the city, but the buzz is usually centered around Mauerpark where Red Bull brings the powerhouses. This year: Earl Sweatshirt and Mark Ronson. more »

The acceptable face of protest pop returns, singing in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, Galacian and Portuguese. Not speaking German won't be an issue at this one. more »

The Canadian indie-tronica group is keeping Berghain open midweek for a night of their trademark synthpop sounds and operatic vocals. more »

The ultimate retreat for the social and improvement-minded writer is just outside Berlin. The Reader Berlin and Slow Travel Berlin are reprising the Fort Gorgast Festival in the same magical location with more literature, art and music... more »

DJ duo Benzi and DJ Esentrik remix hits from artists like Wiz Khalifa, Diplo, Major Lazer, and Naughty Boy. Even if you can't actually twerk it, now's your chance to release your inner trap fiend and go wild when the bass drops. more »

Watch the greatest love story of the 1990s sink into the Atlantic once more while a 100-piece orchestra, Celtic singers, and a children's choir perform the score live. We'll never let go, Jack! more »

Exberliner turns 13: Five questions for... Snøffeltøffs

INTERVIEW. It's Exberliner's 13th birthday on Friday (June 5), and we've invited some friends to SO36 to help us celebrate – starting with hometown garage rockers Snøffeltøffs. The purveyors of "Shit-fi Pizza Wave" take the stage at 11pm. more »

Jun 2, 2015 1:45 PM Music & nightlife

Thieves Like Us alternated between Paris and Berlin, eventually splitting, leaving only Andy Grier with a new backing group and a load of ethereal electropop to record. They'll be playing their next album on Exberliner's stage at Torstraßen Festival. more »

Developing as DJs in early 1990s Stuttgart, Ali and Basti, a couple of Schwarz brothers in love with schwarz music, transformed into tech-house heroes Tiefschwarz, a name now synonymous with the Berlin club scene. more »

Does anyone really think that Modest Mouse is a group effort? As soon as Johnny Marr joined, the entire project began taking on the appearance of a Bryan Ferry solo album. more »

AC/DC has found itself undergoing a few changes recently, with its drummer accused of murder. But if the road to hell can be paved with good intentions, then a couple of good riffs ought to be enough to construct a highway there. more »