• Markus Popp, aka Oval, managed a brief period of indie headiness in the 1990s. After years of low profile, we’ve been privileged with a melodic hard drive dump. Raster-Norton/Mille Plateaux mainstay Frank Bretschneider is well paired with Popp. more »

  • It’s been almost two years since Azealia Banks transformed into what Spin Magazine called “a dolphin-lover’s wet dream”. Yes, the bisexual art-school girls have taken over. Since her breakthrough, one wonders if she’s already soured on the game. more »

  • The Byrds were one of the odder configurations of the 1960s- long-lasting yet only briefly hitmakers-with an ever-shifting line-up centred around Roger Mcguinn who wrote sparingly. It’s in the guise of folk singer that he shows up at Passionskirche. more »

  • Countrified avant-garde diddler Eugene Chadbourne’s latest persona is that of Doc Chad in tandem with the drummer Schroeder. Opener Joerg Hiller aka Konrad Spengler is more of a conceptual-art type, heavy on the electronic processing. more »

  • Exemplifying the edge between international downtempo and arty hip hop – for the second time in our highlights, Max Graef makes up the bottom of the bill, along with the Gretchen/Oye regulars: the hip-hop happy Delfonic and Box Aus Holz Soundsystem. more »

  • Saturday: Stuttgart-ite Danillo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble is joined by Mule Musiq label leader Toshiya Kawasaki. Also on the bill: Francis Inferno Orchestra and Tartelet’s Max Graef. Sunday brings Mcde and Nanon Nansen & Charlie Smooth. more »

  • Morgan Geist broke through last year when “Look Right Through” sauntered to a UK #1 giving a boost to all the aging DJs of EDM. He’ll be joined by Freerange’s Jimpster, Rinse,FM’s Dean Driscoll, H-Productions Cari Lekebusch and the Stattbad regulars. more »

  • The society of this Spektakel includes Mobilee’s Tapesh, Defected’s Dayne S, Moodmusic’s Benny Grauer, Klassik Kater Britta Arnold, Klangkost’s Tom Nowa and a dozen other locals playing multiple gigs to pay off the rent on their tech houses. more »

  • As part of Berlin Music Week, Nordic by Nature holds three day festival dedicated to new Scandinavian artists and bands. The lineup sees fresh faced musicians such as the electronic Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Bjork-esque Sandra Kolstad grace the stage. more »

  • If you’ve ever been to Helsinki, there’s at least one import you wished Berlin had… Original Long Drink! Now Helsinki comes to Berlin celebrating this 60-year-old beverage with Finnish music, fashion and art in Mitte. more »

  • An electronic music extravaganza with live sets from the likes of Berlin-based aggressive sound design producer Grischa Lichtenberger, Chilean-born 1990s techno innovator Cristian Vogel as well as warm up house music from the VSQ. more »

  • Liber Null VIII stimulates the senses in the celebration of greed through art and music. The opening performance features Frédéric Krauke with Mathieu Sylvestre. For more check out the Facebook event. more »

  • Berlin hosts its first live crowdfunding festival! For two days, 50 selected artists, musicians, scientists and innovators competitively present their work for a piece of €35000 in cash and awards. Visitors get free entry and mighty powerful votes! more »

  • This German-Brazilian festival has been a must-see in Cologne for the past six years! This time around, the festival drops by Berlin along with Brazilian singer/songwriter Maria Gadú and German pop music singer Pohlmann. more »

  • Are you up for a show of pop parodies and comedy songs? The Axis of Awesome's albums are worldwide hits with over 60 millions Youtube clicks! Special treat: Axis plays material from their latest album Christmawesome. Is that awesome or what? more »

  • Industrial rock band Intrasonic combines pop with electronic beats and live drums. Before their new album drops, catch them on stage forces with artist Adam Tan and Sindustry's 1990s-influenced industrial metal with just the right touch of pop. more »

  • Canadian headliner Daniel-Ryan Spaulding delivers stand-up comedy in English as well as support from Berlin's very own colourful comedy musical duo Sticky Biscuits. Paul Salamone hosts. more »

  • Aussie electronic outfit Panama perform beautifully intricate, anthemic tracks from their sophomore EP "Always" in the intimate surroundings of the ever popular Kantine am Bergain. more »

  • This fresh duo has its musical roots in Afro experimental trip hop, jazz, funk and pop. Bourelly and Bey incorporate social commentary in experimenting with cross-genre music. more »

  • Always crashing in the same bar

    Haven't seen the Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau yet? It only remains a Lodger there for a short time longer. With the end in sight on August 24, Exberliner’s music editor meditates on Bowie, rebirth and Berlin. more »

    Aug 12, 2014 Music & nightlife (2 Comments)