A chat with... Amen Dunes

Damon McMahon’s Amen Dunes project is more evidence that psychedelia has had a longer-lasting effect than the drugs that inspired it. Listen closely on Nov 28 at Monarch Bar to find out why. more »

Nov 24, 2014 1:00 PM Music & nightlife

The Flamenco en Berlin festival (Nov 30-Dec 7) presents guitarist and composer Antón Jiménez live. A screening of the musical/anthropological documentary "Guitarra de Palo", written by Jiménez and Andrea Zapata-Girau, screens before the show. more »

Latin Grammy-nominated musician Rosario La Tremendita presents her second album at the opening of the Flamenco en Berlin festival. The show is followed by a discussion with the band in German and Spanish. more »

As the final performance of the Flamenco en Berlin festival, instrumental flamenco pianist/composer Dorantes joins forces with modern flamenco dancer/choreographer Leal for "Interacción", a cross-section of multi-faceted repertoire. more »

Championed by everyone from Lou Reed to The Monkees but oft-overlooked by the "Whole Wide World" as a one-hit wonder, the belligerent 60-year-old Britsh punk deserves much wider recognition. more »

Taking the rave out of the hands of Berlin's decadent hordes and servicing those who want a taste of counterculture on their own terms, Morning Gloryville Berlin is an early morning rave replete with massages instead of molly, and more healthy sins. more »

If you're a concerned member of the 2012 Facebook group "Where Is Jamie T?" fear no more, the Britpop singer-rapper-writer returns after five years of silence with a powerful new album, Carry on the Grudge. more »

Homegrown music tech

It's no surprise that a Berlin company, Bitwig, delivers one of the most highly anticipated pieces of music technology of the year, a digital audio workstation that might be making developers over at Berlin-based Ableton nervous. more »

Nov 14, 2014 11:00 AM The Best of Berlin 2 Comments

Dark Skies Association and Shameless/Limitless present Sex, the first ever 7" from the Berlin-favourite Molly Nilsson who will play a live set alongside Facit and a DJ set from Dubais, followed by Rroxymore and Shameless Limitless for the afterparty. more »

As the club is transformed into an extra-terrestrial space extravaganza, the tech-house spaceship is set to launch with a crew of well-trained captains on-board, including Ben Bear, Digitate, Edward Ean and Stefano Noferini. more »

Getting home

INTERVIEW. After a four-year hiatus, Australian siblings Angus and Julia Stone found themselves coaxed by the late blues convert Rubin into a new self-titled album which they will be blessing Berlin with on Nov 12 at Tempodrom. more »

Nov 10, 2014 1:50 PM Music & nightlife

Who the fuck is Helene Fischer?

Set to bless O2 World from Nov 12-14 with her new album "Farbenspiel", you may be wondering who the hell she is and how she got here. Here's an explanation from a German as well as some clarity on a few other embarrassing curiosities of German music. more »

Nov 10, 2014 1:15 PM Music & nightlife 1 Comments

Exploring and deconstructing gender and genre concepts, the fourth and final edition of the series sees Gudrun Gut taking DJ/producer Borusiade under her wing for a shared gig celebrating queer creativity. more »

This celebration of composed and improvised jazz music over the course of three days features Simon Kanzler's Talking Hands, Anna Webber's Percussive Mechanics, and John Hollenbeck's VibEnsemble among other treats. more »

Hailing from Brooklyn and making her way around Europe, Sarah Lipstate – as her one-woman musical project – will be squeezing a plethora of trippy sounds from her electric guitar for a live set, with support from DJ Sigourney Skywalker. more »

Six concerts over three evenings bring modern French lyrical songs to the Berlin stage at the festival hosting Chanson singers and song-writers Cécile Rose & Trio Scho, Anomalia Chikh, Pierre de la Roche, Aude, Émilie Marsh, and a surprise guest. more »

A trio of acts fills your evening with experimental ambient-drone-sound-art: multi-instrumentalist and classically trained Baker, "echtzeitmuzik"-scene pioneer Neumann, and prolific experimentalist Diogo Correia. DJ M. Aniser closes the night down. more »

When Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy reinvested a couple of albums worth of songs by Woody Guthrie, he managed to invest his act with someone else’s gravitas, while proffering gravitas upon his subject. A neat trick. more »

As Amen Dunes, Damon McMahon crafts lo-fi psychedelic folk. His latest album, Love, recorded with members of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Iceage, is craftily considered and less improvisational in nature. DJ Young and Lost opens. more »

When Cat Power, her last album having been her most modern sounding, tours solo, it can be asserted as a return to authenticity, which, as a claim, is a bit of a cheat. more »