• What is GEMA?

    German music copyright law seems to be screwing up the whole vibe of Berlin's live music scene, so here's a rocket-speed tour through through the confusing web in which our musicians are caught in. more »

    Oct 21, 2014 Music & nightlife

  • GEMA versus the little guys

    You might only know GEMA as the bastards who block Youtube (still!) but for Berlin's indie musicians and small venue owners, the music royalty organisation is a real point of contention. Learn more at Music Pool Berlin's workshop on Oct 23. more »

    Oct 21, 2014 Music & nightlife

  • Galerie im Erd und Feuer presents the first retrospective of graphic design duo Stephanie Franziska Scholz and Fred Otto and photographer Julia Soler, aka Studio Spektral. The finissage features a performance by Mulde’s Gertraut Hilberg at 8pm. more »

  • From kindergarden buddies to bedroom DJs to professional musicians with their own "ghetto ambient" genre, the Australian trio is currently working on their third album. Expect elements of hip hop, indie pop, ambient post-rock, and IDM. more »

  • On tour with his new childhood-inspired album L'Aventura, the French pop singer/songwriter alludes to sights and sounds of Brazil with the help of veteran Brazilian session musicians and composers. more »

  • French music sounds "empty", German music "overly complicated". The third instalment of "Do we hear with other ears?", a series exploring our perception of the countries' different musical styles, features French and German experimentalists. more »

  • Chilly nights are upon us, so warm up your ears with acoustic melodies from the festival's second intimate evening of local musicians: Rachel Glassberg, A Seated Craft, Yusuf Sahilli, Rausch, and Temple. more »

  • A Neukölln bar in Moabit

    The ever-up-and-coming Moabit recently acquired another piece of cool: Kallasch&, a corner Kneipe where you can sip on a cheap beer, actually hear the live music and maybe make a friend. more »

    Oct 17, 2014 The Best of Berlin

  • The frontman of LA-based indie rockers The Blood Arm has a new name and a new indie-glam rock/soul album, released last month. Since he made Berlin home, its harsh winters seem to have brought out a nostalgic touch of country twang in his sound. more »

  • And so I don my mask

    INTERVIEW. Berlin musician Miss Kenichi chats new albums, history of songs, and inspiration with friend and fellow songstress Shara Worden, the woman behind My Brightest Diamond. Catch My Brightest Diamond at Postbahnhof Oct 22. more »

    Oct 14, 2014 Music & nightlife

  • If you're not ready for the chill of autumn, take a trip to the sunny surf of 1960s California with the garage rock, Latin percussion, electric folk sound of the Los Angeles-based band, on tour in Germany for the second time. more »

  • The Dutch lutenist and composer from Brooklyn who made his mark last year with his score for Only Lovers Left Alive, will be supported by Sferics at The Grüner Salon in the Volksbühne as he makes his way around Europe. more »

  • Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop and Berliner Festspiele join forces to present their musical theatre love-child Kaleidoskopville, which includes music from Beethoven, Claren, Mahler and Valikoski. Through Oct 26. more »

  • The punk-electro Cirque de Soleil can't promise a live elephant at every show, but the iconic Berlin band will no doubt deliver a spectacle. more »

  • The award-winning wolf pack of brassy Brooklynites are scratching at our door, with enough howling jazz-fusion madness to keep any lucky neighbour awake. more »

  • Former Circle Jerk and Black Flagger Keith Morris is kicking ass well on the way to his sex-agenarian years, with Cerebral Ballzy trying hard to keep up with the veteran punks. more »

  • Canadian electronic producer and Berlin fave Daniel Victor Snaith aka Caribou (amongst many other monikers) performs tracks from his unique psych-electronic album Our Love. more »

  • Some 12 years ago, Jim Avignon illustrated Exberliner's ​first cover... now the multi-talent's focusing on his quirky music project again, with a new album featuring guest Angie Reed. more »

  • Help fund Berlin's punk rock Bible!

    UPDATE: The crowdfunding deadline for SO36: Das Buch, a comprehensive history of Berlin's favourite punk club and subculture hub, has been extended through Nov 7. How do you lay your hands on a copy of the book, and why should you want to? Read on! more »

    Oct 2, 2014 Music & nightlife

  • The crooning office nerd makes a whistle-stop on his European tour, reminding us of his timeless rock and roll charm. It’s time to tip our pork-pies to the bespectacled bluesy veteran. more »