Pirate Party

The Pirates have been sailing on stormy seas ever since they arrived in the Berlin Parliament in 2011. With Obama's visit to Berlin and the surveillance scandal rocking the US and the world, this may be the Pirates' chance to chart a smoother course. more

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This motley crew will soon be underwater if they don't get their ship in order. more


It's been one year of the Pirate Party in the Berlin parliament after winning an astounding 8.9 percent of the vote. In the run up to The Exberliner Pirate Night this Wednesday (Oct 24) at Kaffee Burger we explore what they wanted and achieved. more

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INTERVIEW: The first couple of open source lay everything on the table from their part in the Pirate Party and "bedingungloses Grundeinkommen" (guaranteed basic income) to feminism and liquid democracy. more

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