• Hagen Stoll's career has been nothing if not varied- youth Tischtennis champion, rapper, emotional rocker, author. He reveals another of his not-inconsiderable facets, treating us to an unplugged set and reading from his autobiography So Life Feels. more »

  • An open mic night for writers: join the Shakespeare crew at their first monthly event where writers of any bent are welcome to read out their works in progress. Participants can read anything for seven minutes until the egg timer goes ding-ding. more »

  • This award-winning Cuban-American writer's work studies the difficulties involved in navigating social and linguistic barriers. Here, she reads aloud from her new novel-in-progress Magic City Relic, which explores the immigrant experience. more »

  • Alan Weisman, professor and journalist, lucidly describes how we are heading towards environmental disaster in his newest book. Here, he discusses our options for survival with Reiner Klingholz of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. more »

  • Actress Ilka Metzner delivers one of her regular monthly readings as listeners recline and relax in the the calming setting of the Liquidrom thermal bath. more »

  • On the first Friday of each month, Prenzlauer Berg houses a Literatursalon for a new generation. Conceived by German poet Martin Jankowski, fall season starts with talks by media professor-turned-novelist Volker Demuth and poet Dorothea Rosa Herliany more »

  • The English Theatre Berlin presents a lavish spread of talks, readings and performances – featuring the cream of Berlin's stand-up comedy scene, Swiss farmer vengeance plays staged in invented languages, and Isaac Newton's lust for glory. more »

  • Doyen of Dear Abbys Dan Savage returns to Berlin to read from his latest book, American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics, and play the sassy aunt to the crowd's assorted agonies (sexual or otherwise). Entry €5. more »

  • Seven international poets and artists close the summer gallery season through word, song and performance. Among them, prolific writer and art critic Travis Jeppesen reads poetry, and artist philosopher Nisaar Ulama muses on political paralysis. more »

  • Author Adam Johnson gives a reading from his Pulitzer-winning novel The Orphan Master's Son, set in Kim Jong-il's North Korea. Expect a vital plot and dashes of tragic humour. more »

  • Dive into a wonderfully dense, ceaselessly entertaining trawl through the history of Memphis' cultural underground and criminal demimonde as Tav Falco reads from his book Mondo Memphis. Plus aftershow party with DJ Lobotomy. more »

  • Cellist by day, novelist by night: Chicago-based author Edward Kelsey Moore reads from his debut novel The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat as part of the US Embassy's series on new voices in American literature. more »

  • The US embassy is showcasing DuBois’ debut novel as part of the New Voices in American Lit project. It follows a chess champ, his fight against Putin and his relationship with a lost woman. more »

  • Poems, stories and essays are read by black writers who share a big love for their German homeland. In English and German. more »

  • Part of the Erik Mittasch exhibition running through Jan 25, this literary night presents a specially selected group of queer writers, word players and cultural terrorists, including Black Cracker and Lady Gaby, reading and talking about their works. more »

  • Based on the theme "The world today lives in the here and now", this free lit salon brings together 35 authors reading for 30 minutes each over four days. Tony Black is one of the authors to read in English; from his detective novel "Lynched". more »

  • Coaxing our unhinged species into realising things mightn’t be all THAT bad, Tip mag’s Jackie A. hosts this exchange of our innermost thoughts. Exhibitionist culture at its most overt or deliverance from the shackles of insecurity? Jury’s still out. more »

  • Amok Mama: Rakete 2012

    See the year out with a bang – Jacinta Nandi's next Lesebühne is on December 27 in Hipster-Paradise, Ä. more »

    Dec 24, 2012 The Berlin Blog

  • The new centre for English-language performance in Friedrichshain hosts an all-female, all-English Lesebühne featuring Laurel Taylor, Helena Prince, Niti Dhingra and EXB’s own Jacinta Nandi. Quirky stories of family and failed New Year’s resolutions. more »

  • The other lit caste: the fun one, without the bumbling authors and nervous chuckling. Théo Lessour, author of the music compendium Berlin Sampler, joins us for our always stimulating lit night with Dichter und Dichter vs. Borderlines. more »