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Interactive historical tours of Berlin are all the rage right now. From the grim reality of Stasi oppression to the sound of cicadas in Pergamon , technology is overlaying the past with the present. Read more

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Ever seen those little huts on rafts cruising around the Berlin waters? Two of them are actually floating saunas. One is on the Spree, but more recently, you can sweat it out on the Havel as well. Saunafloss was launched in September. Read more

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Berlin's air stinks: Contrary to popular belief, it's one of the most polluted among EU capitals. As the city government is unveiling a new plan of action, we look into what’s been done to tackle the actual problem: cars! Read more

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Looking to spice up your sex life? The Prude & Pervert card game is here to indulge your fantasies – all without having to do the deed (if you don't want to). Read more


Six women share their take on Luxemburg and why they think the revolutionary icon is still relevant to their lives and fights of today. Read more

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During her Berlin years, Luxemburg developed a passion for collecting plants. She meticulously catalogued her finds in 18 notebooks in the last six years of her life – up until the October Revolution put an abrupt end to her unexpected hobby. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Barbara Sukowa’s Luxemburg in Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic has become as iconic as the revolutionary herself. Why didn’t the GDR make its own film about the Red Rosa? On Jan 7, Arsenal screens the GDR's few cinematic portrayals of her. Read more

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Finding a flat in a decent neighbourhood is becoming increasingly difficult. Unless you’re ready to pay big bucks. What happened to Berlin’s legendary affordable housing? And how did we get here? Read more

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Abdul Adhim Kamouss on his life-changing path from hardline preacher to humanist, and how hard it is to shake off labels once the media has you pegged as a dangerous Salafist. Read more

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Curator Janina Nentwig on showcasing the fearlessly radical art of the November Group 100 years down the road. Read more

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Kiez personality portrait: Trost on why the galleries of Kreuzberg can’t hold a candle to her favourite district. Read more

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Sunday cyclists seeking a set of wheels are spoilt for choice but not all bike-sharing schemes are made equal. We gave them a spin. Read more

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INTERVIEW: Meet Robbie Antonio, the billionaire real estate entrepreneur who wants to bring Germany 21st century prefab – the luxury version! Read more

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Looking for dairy-free but deliciously rich gelato to sweeten the summer heat? Fear not, these ice cream parlours have what it takes to satisfy that craving. Read more

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The trial for April's infamous “Berlin kippa attack”, in which a young Syrian was filmed attacking a young Israeli wearing a kippa, kicked off on Tuesday. Is antisemitism being "imported" into Germany? We survey the situation. Read more

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When it comes to Brazilian food in Berlin, there’s truly something for everyone. We sampled the wide range of options. Read more

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Rounding out Women's Month, we present one last kick-ass Berlinerin: Elisa Rosi, the guiding light behind Kastanienallee's Lichtblick Kino! Read more

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In the analogue spirit, we’ve rounded up the best new local reads for every naughty-or-nice Berliner on your Christmas gift list. Read more


Don’t call it a comeback: for these Berliners, old-school formats like vinyl, film and tape never went away in the first place. Now they cater to a niche but growing crowd of enthusiasts. Read more

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Jeanne Mammen captured the women of Weimar Berlin better that anyone, observing life from the peephole of her Charlottenburg studio. See her work at the Berlinische Galerie starting October 5. Read more

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