OUT NOW! BLADE RUNNER 2049, Denis Villeneuve's follow-up to the legendary 1980s sci-fi film hits the cinema – and it's great. more


As Frank Castorf’s departure as artistic director of the Volksbühne looms, his latest production is more of an insider's farewell than anything groundbreaking. "Die Kabale der Scheinheiligen" will be performed this Sat, Jul 9 at 19:00. more

Theatre & Dance

OUT NOW! We don't expect romantic comedies to change the world – but at the very least they should be entertaining, which HOW TO BE SINGLE only partly succeeds at. more


OUT NOW! Even though rescue film COLONIA takes place during a little known but shocking time in Chilean history, it manages to be boring on top of being riddled with bad dialogue. more


OUT NOW! Even though it features typical elements of a good horror story – an old English manor, a foreigner alone in a new place, dolls – THE BOY fails to elicit anything close to fear. more


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