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As gentrification spreads through Berlin, the city’s multikulti inhabitants are moving out to the most underrated Bezirk. A Turkish taxi driver, two filmmakers and an imam reveal how they’ve made the hood their home. more

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Schöneberg 30 is notorious for being a high crime area, a heißes Pflaster, literally: hot pavement, as Berliners would call it. First it was the dealers. Today it’s sprawling prostitution – two rappers and other Ausländer are fighting the pimps. more

Interviews & Portraits

Gretchen Dutschke on the day they shot Rudi, the man behind the 1968 icon and how she thinks he is still being misportrayed. more


What’s on Turkish Berliners’ minds when they enter the voting booth? Why did they vote so massively in favour of Erdoğan at last April’s referendum, and who will they support in this year’s elections? We visited four “wise men” in search of a clue. more

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Before the Potsdam villa owned by Berlin’s most famous Jewish family was restored to its former grandeur, it was a rundown den of iniquity for hippy students. Robert Rigney meets an heir and recalls the good old days. more

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Like nothing else, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan is dividing Turks in Germany. With a referendum coming up on April 16 that would vastly increase the powers of the president, a group of Turkish creatives in Berlin are voicing their disapproval. more


Expats from Israel's party city are opening restaurants in the German capital, bringing not just hummus, but a taste of the lifestyle. more

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While the likes of Isherwood wallowed in the decadent fun of 1920s Berlin, another great expat author was immune to the capital's temptations: Vladimir Nabokov. Robert Rigney takes us on a literary tour... more

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The Berlin chef's eponymous restaurant just placed among the world's top 100, but Raue is as famous for his self-mythologised Kreuzberg gangbanger past as he is for his Michelin-starred cuisine. We took a look under the toque. more

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Few nightlife stars have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that Steffen Jacob had. Before his tragic death last year, he opened up about his near 50-year career. Read his incredible story. more

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Germany’s most infamous jihadist Denis Cuspert, aka Deso Dogg, was put on the US terrorist watch list by the NSA yesterday, Feb 9. But five years ago, he was just another posturing Kreuzberg rapper. Robert Rigney met him. more

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In our December Islam issue, we spotlighted Berlin's Sufi community, a peace-loving group of Muslims who are about as far away from current headlines as you can get. more

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From a new East German eatery in Mitte to a P-Berg GDR liquor store and an Ossi food haven on the city’s outskirts, culinary ostalgia is alive and kicking in Berlin. more

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Six homegrown Ausländer speak out. more

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In this town there’s always a place to pick up a pack of smokes, a beer or even groceries at five in the morning: Spätkäufe, or Spätis as they're affectionately known. Welcome to an insomniac netherworld of underdogs, thugs and boozehounds. more


Within this political climate of "integration" concerns today, Neukölln’s Roma population struggles for acceptance amid Germany's goal to deport 10,000 Kosovan Roma – 4,000 of whom already have been. more

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NOW ON AIR! Berlin’s one and only forum for “world music” – an expletive that doesn’t do justice to the city's vibrant music scene – is back, under a slightly different name. Hello, Radio Multicult! more

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In the 1990s, he spearheaded the Russendisko sound; now, Madonna's a fan. The frontman of Gogol Bordello talks about love and “Balkan Wave”. GB returns to Berlin on December 9 for a wild show at Huxley's Neue Welt. more

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“An undiscovered revolution” is how Berlin’s Balkan Wave pioneer, musician/filmmaker Ivana Stancheva, describes herself. She's also one of the city's last diehard communists. more


In the 1990s, electronic DJ Stefan Hantel (a.k.a. Shantel) followed his roots to Romania. Now, his "Bucovina Club" nights are legendary, he plays his Gypsy remixes to ecstatic crowds - and he's on the Borat soundtrack. more

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