Senior issues

Part-retirement home and part-WG, Lebensort Vielfalt is where Berlin's senior LGBTs (and a few straight female retirees) go to spend their twilight years. A waiting list longer than Cloud Atlas proves that grey and lavender do go together. Read more

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German pensioners are more opulent than most: cruises, second homes and perma-sun-tans. But the age of fat state pensions is over though and the media and big insurers have gone into doomsday mode. Should we be saving our pennies for old age? Read more

Zeitgeist 1 Comments

Berlin's elderly are leading demonstrations against soaring property rents and social housing displacement as "old age radicality" sweeps an economically beleaguered Berlin. One group, Kotti & Co, will be speaking on Nov 13. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

A group of elderly women (and one man) fight to save their senior centre from destruction and capitalist interests. One of Berlin's grander traditions is still being used to save the city. Read more

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