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It’s not the most obvious international hit: three bald, silent, cerulean men playing PVC instruments on a stage lit by lasers. But the Blue Man Group has been enlivening Berlin for more than five years. Read more

Theatre & Dance

If German producer/director Jens Meurer’s career had a title, it would be “Never Say Never”. From production driver to producer, there seems to be very little he hasn’t already done - or wouldn’t dare to do. Read more


Four innovative Berlin-based film websites, in the words of their creators. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Sage Cars

For better or for worse, Berlin really is becoming a Weltstadt: it’s gradually shedding that “poor but sexy” image the mayor is so proud of. While it’s still decades from turning into New York or Miami in terms of glamour and wealth, demand for ostentatious transport, i.e. limos, is growing steadily Read more

Interviews & Portraits

The Buenos Aires-born choreographer Constanza Macras can‘t believe that it’s been nearly 15 years since she came to Berlin. Her rise to international fame has somehow paralleled the city’s own ascent onto the world stage. Read more

Theatre & Dance

The Belgian artist/filmmaker Nicolas Provost grew up under the influence of Serge Gainsbourg, his cousin (a local rock star) and French cinema. His work glides from nostalgic found footage to cutting edge experimental filmmaking. Read more

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