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INTERVIEW: Yoko Ono’s solo show opened last month at Haunch of Venison with a polysemous title, Das Gift (the poison), and a bullet hole in shattered glass. Read more

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IN PICTURES! In the 1920s, a generation of women took charge of the freedoms offered between two world wars. Breslauer's photographs mastered the emergent style, “Neues Sehen”. Read more

Art & Exhibitions


Photo by Lucia Martin Zapata

Berlin Festival. The festival with the coolest location - where you dance the night away in Tempelhof's hangars; where colored rays of light tear up the dark night sky, setting Hitler's old airport on fire... Read more

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After a short and chaotic life, Berlin’s Temporäre Kunsthalle died of natural causes on August 31. We assess the TKH’s ephemeral existence… and its legacy. Read more

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IN PICTURES! Berlin’s first major Nauman retrospective explores his “experience architecture”: corridors and rooms that create the impression of incarceration. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

IN PICTURES! A child of Palestinian refugees who fled to Lebanon in the wake of the 1948 war, Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis winner Mona Hatoum's most striking work riffs on scattered identity. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Frida Kahlo's in town. So's Robert Capa. And don't forget Bruce Nauman, Louise Bourgeois and Art Spiegelman. Wondering who to see? Read more

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OUR PICK: Olafur Eliasson's show comprises a city-wide web of installations: at Martin-Gropius-Bau, there are rooms of coloured "fog", a hall of mirrors and an electrical storm performed by a dancing hosepipe. Read more


DON'T MISS: From Superman to Batman and the Hulk, the best superheroes were created by Jewish artists: the Jewish Museum's new show celebrates the men who made comics what they are today. Read more

THE WINNERS ARE... Take a look at the finalists. And find out who won those fancy boots and that trip for two! Read more

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Every July, Berlin goes fashion mad. This week, it's hosting three different threads fests: Bread & Butter, Fashion Week and Wedding Dress. Daunted? We've picked out the most intriguing shows and parties. Read more

What's On

DON'T MISS: Performance artist Brisley has always sought out the hidden or discarded – the homeless, food, excrement. He's winding down his first German show in 20 years. Read more

Art's most radical experiment comes to Berlin: bid (with services!) on unnamed, uncaptioned, unauthored and unpriced works... that may or may not be by somebody famous. Read more


LAST CHANCE! British multimedia artist Mathew Hale came to Berlin before the hype hit – 10 years ago – with his partner, the visual artist Tacita Dean. A local show proves his art is still as unfathomable as ever. Read more

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Holland natives - and sometime-Berliners - Koos, Margriet, Anne and Eva Staal put together this collection of photos of lone bike locks they found across Berlin: all that is left to remind bike-thief victims of where their two-wheeled steeds once stood. Read more

OUR PICK: The Ismaili Muslims' spiritual leader is displaying 200 pieces from his private collection - one of the world's oldest and most valuable collections of Islamic art - for the first time ever. Read more


No self-respecting comic retrospective – let alone a Jewish one – could do without the work of Art Spielgelman, author of "Maus": the Jewish Museum's includes a few original prints. But isn’t Spiegelman more than a ‘Jewish artist’? Read more

IN PICTURES! May Day – which combines Germany’s knack for organization with Berlin’s predisposition for nihilism – has come to epitomize the city’s alternative edge. We joined the 'fun'. Read more


Each May 1 for the past two decades, in a much-anticipated ritual of unbridled violence, Kreuzberg has turned into a battlefield as police clash with rioters under the bemused gaze of excited, camera-toting tourists. But how did it all begin? Read more

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Born in Berlin in 1936, Vera Mercer was a trained dancer before she moved on to photography, Paris and the Nouveau Réalistes. Now, Mercer creates extraordinary still lifes of food - and she is returning to the city of her birth for a retrospective. Read more

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