It was an artists’ utopia, a cultural institution, a tourist magnet: after over two decades on Oranienburger Straße, Tacheles was shut down, the artists kicked out. Five and a half years on, Taylor Lindsay finds out what happened next. Read more

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Photo by Traumrune (Wikimedia Commons)

And that was it. Over quarter of a century of Kunsthaus Tacheles being the home, and the school, for generations of artists slipped away with barely a murmur. Now, as it is too late, I wish I had done more. Read more

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Is it the end of Berlin as we know it? Or a chance to save one of the city’s last subcultural landmarks? Exclusive private club Soho House is making a bid to buy up the Tacheles building and turn it into a viable commercial enterprise. Read more

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Photo by De-okin (Wikimedia CC)

This week we are not discussing football, or the darts, or ski jumping. This week I would like to pay tribute to a building that, despite its contradictions and annoyances, is as clear a symbol of Berlin, in my opinion, as any. Tacheles. Read more

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