Theatertreffen en Iomauna Media GmbH Tue, 20 May 2014 11:40:00 GMT Theatertreffen finale: Three questions In the wake of the Theatertreffen, stage editor Nathalie Frank was left with plenty of questions about the state of German theatre today. Here are three.

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Get Well Soon Brought to fame by his work on the soundtrack of Wim Wenders Palermo Shooting; singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Konstantin Gropper and band perform a host of melancholic songs as part of this year's Theatertreffen.

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Theatertreffen 2014: Multiculti Europudding? Nathalie Frank attended the Theatertreffen talk “internationalisation of theatre” – and disappointed because it missed its point. Notably because it lacked a clear definition of both key terms, “internationalisation” and “theatre”.

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Theatertreffen interview: Awaiting incidents INTERVIEW. British author and performer Chris Thorpe will be alluding to possible happenings in the Theatertreffen's only staging of "There Has Possibly Been An Incident", happening tonight, May 13, 9:30pm at Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

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Theatertreffen blog: Fresh blood As the German theatre-stravaganza goes on, Robert Borgmann breathes new life into an old classic: Chekhov's Uncle Vanya. Stage editor Nathalie Frank continues her adventures at Theatertreffen. Stay tuned for more.

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Theatre without borders Theatertreffen, Germany's annual fest for contemporary theatre, returns for the 51st time, bringing drama to the city May 2-18. Part of Theatertreffen, Stückemarkt showcases some of the wildest names in contemporary theatre, not all German.

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Tauberbach Created in collaboration with Munich's Klammerspiele Belgian director Alain Platel’s play centres on a powerful performance featuring five dancers and one actress, part of this year's Theatertreffen.

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Zement The opening performance at this years Theatertreffen, Heiner Müller's play provides an insight into the last work of the great Dimiter Gottscheff before his death last autumn.

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There Has Possibly Been An Incident As part of this year's Theatertreffen Chris Thorpe presents his new performance-cum-play that explores a range of protagonists caught repeating the mistake they originally sought to eradicate.

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Haus//Nummer/Null Part of this year’s Theatertreffen, Mona el Gammal’s installation explores a dystopian parallel world. Taking place in a secret space, tickets must be booked for allotted times.

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The Journey to the End of the Night Frank Castorf directs the Residenztheater München, in a theatrical reworking of literary maverick Céline's stylistic masterpiece of the same name, part of Theatertreffen.

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Uncle Vanya As part of this year's Theatertreffen Schauspiel Stuttgart breath new life into Chekhov's famous play. With English surtitles.

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Mystery Magnet Miet Warlop presents his new play as part of this year's Theatertreffen, expect horses, tables, tall pairs of trousers, cardboard boxes, seducing, desire, aggression... everything you could want in a play.

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Talk with Mona el Gammal and Signa Köstler on Narrative Spaces Mona el Gammal director of Theatertreffen's Haus//Nummer/Null, a theatre installation taking place in a secret location that explores a gloomy, dystopian, futuristic world, joins Signa Köstler for a talk exploring narrative spaces.

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"Regietheater" In English? Since we haven't stolen enough words from German already, a rather strange piece of theater jargon has also broken the language barrier, "Regietheater" – literally "director's theatre".

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Sebastian Nübling – "There is a vampire side to the system" INTERVIEW. The director of Orpheus Descending, the 50th Theatertreffen's final production, talks Bavarian cowboys, the sex appeal of the other, and why it's masochistic to come to Berlin. Catch Orpheus Descending tonight, May 19, and May 20.

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Kate Strong – "What would critics do without our mistakes?" Theatertreffen INTERVIEW. Praised by the jury for her "wonderfully overwrought, stylized circus figures," British performer Kate Strong is coming to the Theatertreffen for the second year in a row.

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Blackface fail A year after the high point of the blackfacing controversy, Summer Banks discovers that racist portrayals still show up on German stages, in one of the 10 "most remarkable" productions in German theatre of the year at the Theatertreffen.

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Woman vs. theatre and party Summer Banks takes a Bear Grylls approach to survival at the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Theatertreffen.

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Disabled theatre or freak show? Summer Banks gets personal with the controversial performance Disabled Theater by Jérôme Bel (photo), which returns to Berlin for three nights at the Theatertreffen, May 10-12.

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